13 May 2022

Presidential Authority

Several of my followers have been duped by a story that oozed out today about Biden creating amendments to the World Health Organization that would jeopardize America's sovereignty.

The whole stupid story is nothing but contrived, fabricated BS. The story can be traced to one very questionable "source" who, like so many other "sources" are so eager to spread complete crap and further fuel the division of America. They are doing much more harm than good. I don't have time for that crap.

If you are remotely interested in truth, liberty and the American way, you need to watch this, share it and put this kind of crap to rest...


28 April 2022

Goatzilla (or 10 Lessons Learned from an Animal Attack!)

My wife was born and raised in the People's Republic of Kalifornia. Lusting for freedom, she contacted me via a secure internet connection in the fall of 2009 and we began planning her escape. By 20 October we were ready to execute our plan and I headed to the PRK. Two days later, under the cover of darkness, we headed towards freedom.  On 24 October, we were married. 

Like many people who have escaped from the belly of the beast, one of her very first ambitions was to obtain a handgun and be able to freely exercise her constitutionally protected right to provide for her own defense so, the next thing on the agenda was training. She took several of my handgun classes and became a daily carrier of a Glock 26. She will not walk out of the house without it!

So where am I going with all this? Well, stay with me...

On Valentine's Day of 2012, I got a text that said, "You need to come home, I shot Snaps". I thought, "Oh great!" I had visions of getting home and finding Snaps standing beside the fence on quivering legs with blood running out of both nostrils and a very distraught woman with a gun in her hand. I wasn't really looking forward to it. You see, Snaps was a very large billy goat that we had raised from a wee kid and he loved Amy. Everyone else not so much but he loved Amy... until Valentine's Day of 2012.

On that morning, Amy got up like every day, got dressed (which included putting on her gun) and headed out to feed the animals before coming into town to work. She helped me at our gun shop. But that day was different.

That day, her and our youngest daughter went out to feed and were greeted by a very large, very unhappy billy goat standing spraddle-legged in the middle of the trail with his head down and smoke coming from his nostrils. Amy recognized immediately that this wasn't going to go well. In the first place, he should have been in the very sturdy pen that  I built for him. To this day, we have no idea how he got out of it.

Well, it all went downhill from there. Understanding that the wheels were about to fall off this situation, Amy told our daughter to go lock herself in the pen with the baby goats while she kept the goat's attention. Snaps became more aggressive and the two of them danced around a tree for a little bit before Amy was able to seize an opportunity to run towards the feed shed. He caught up with her and knocked her down from behind. She regained her feet, made it to the shed and slammed the door behind her thinking she would be safe. Wrong! Snaps began butting the door until he eventually broke it down. Just to emphasize the size and power of this goat, this door was very solid, built of 2x4's and plywood. It also opened to the outside and closed against a solid stop. When Snaps got done with it, it opened to the inside!

OK, so now Amy and Mr. Attitude are in this little 10'x12' shed together and Amy has no way to escape. Left with no other option, she quickly presents her Glock 26 and fires a single shot at his head. At the very instant that she pulled the trigger, he lowered his head to charge causing the bullet to first go through a horn then into the body. Snaps kind of sat back on his haunches, his eyes rolled back in his head and, assuming he was done for, Amy quickly sidestepped him and made her escape out the door. As she was walking away, she heard a noise and turned around to find Snaps reared up on his hind legs, head down and ready to attack. As he dropped down to all fours and prepared to charge again, she managed to get off another shot which hit him between the eyes, bringing this dramatic little event to an abrupt halt. This brings us up to the point where she made the phone call to me.

OK, so I get there and find a very dead goat and a fairly distraught and injured bride. Let me stop right here for a minute and explain something to you that will help you put the rest of this story together and help you understand why I have gone to such great lengths to include every detail of this story.

My dear wife is the epitome of Dr. Doolittle. She LOVES animals and animals love her (at least most of them). She catches flies and moths and turns them loose outside. She very much prefers that I live-trap mice and go turn them loose somewhere and going hunting with me is completely out of the question.

Alright, this is where the joking stops. All kidding aside, you have to understand just how traumatic this incident was for her. Her having to shoot that goat, that she raised from a baby, was every bit the equivalent of you having to shoot your best friend. It took me a few days to really grasp the impact that this event had on her. Now, let's finish my lengthy presentation here...

OK, we left off where I had arrived at the scene of the crime...
She almost immediately told me her first recollection of what happened. She was badly bruised but fortunately no broken bones or open wounds. My son and I gutted and skinned the animal and took him to the meat processor as we didnt have the room or time to do it ourselves. His live weight was over 200 pounds! When we cut him open, we were surprised to find that the first 9mm bullet first passed through 2" of horn before entering the body.  Had it been a hunting scenario, it would have been a great shot. It was a killing shot but not a good stopping shot. Big difference. After the bullet passed through the horn, it entered the body about mid-way down from the front, between the shoulder blade and the center of the breast. It pretty much severed the aorta and went through one lobe of the liver and one lung. He was dead, but no one had bothered to inform him. The last attack was quite literally on his last breath.

When we went to bed that night, we learned that she had holstered her gun after the attack with a Type II malfunction, caused by sand and debris entering the action of the gun when she was knocked tonthe ground. By the Grace of God, the gun fired the last crucial shot before becoming inoperable. 

The next morning was not business as usual. The musky scent of the goat was still in the air, the hide was laying off to the side of the trail and there were still tell-tale signs of blood on the ground. Amy now had PTSD so I walked out with her to feed. While walking out to the feed shed with it's newly repaired door, she stops in her tracks, put her fingertip to her lips as if lost in thought and said, "Wait a minute, that's not what happened at all." She then proceeded to tell me a similar version of the story but with dramatically different details. OK. The rest of the day was fairly normal and aside from Amy being pretty restless, the night went well as well. The next morning, same thing. I mean EXACTLY the same thing complete with a brand-new version of the story which she maintains is still accurate today.

Now then, it's class time. What did you learn from this story? In case it's not really coming around for you, let's review what happened and see how it applies to a more common shooting scenario...

Lesson #1...
Have a gun.
Ladies and gentlemen, carrying a deadly weapon on your person is possibly the single most intense responsibility you will ever undertake in your life. If you're going to carry a gun, carry it ALL the time. Not sometimes. Not when you feel you might need it. Not when you're going to "that" side of town... ALL the time. It means don't leave home without it. Period. Ever.

If my sweet wife would have done what most people would have done and said, "I'm going to go out do chores then I'll come back and finish getting ready to go to town", she may have been very seriously injured or killed. Make no mistake, this was a lethal force scenario. 

Lesson #2...
Stay alert and aware of your surroundings. ALWAYS! Amy has always done remarkably well at this.

Lesson #3...
Do everything you can to protect the innocents that you are responsible for.

Amy demonstrated this by directing Kelly to go and lock herself in the other pen. In your home, it could have been shoving your kids or spouse in a closet or bathroom.

Lesson #4...
Do your best to exercise all avenues of retreat before engaging the threat. No, in many states you are not required to but in every state, it is still generally a good idea, although there are cases where it may not be possible.

Amy demonstrated this by locking herself in the feed shed. When her attacker forcefully entered, she was left with no choice but to engage.

Lesson #5...
Amy's first fail.
Never assume that one shot will be enough to permanently end your issue. Its not like the movies. Shoot them to the ground. Shoot them until they are incapable of continuing to do harm.

Lesson #6...
After the shooting, even if you feel safe, perform an after-action assessment to ensure that your attacker is incapable of continuing to harm you, that there are no additional hostiles, that you or your companions are not injured and lastly, that your weapon has not been damaged and is topped off with ammunition.

This was Amy's second fail. In spite of going through several classes where that was taught, it slipped her mind under the very real stress of this situation. She walked away from the initial shooting location thinking she had incapacitated her attacker and she was rewarded with a follow-up attack. 

Lesson #7...
In spite of the after-action fail, she performed admirably by going straight to the cranial-ocular cavity after the center-mass shot failed.

Lesson #8...
Another after-action fail. Even after your attacker has been put down hard, perform after-action the same way. In Amy's case, she didn't check her weapon or reload. Either one would have resulted in discovering the Type II malfunction. 

Lesson #9...
Immediately call 911 when you are sure you are safe. In this case, 911 was me but the principle is the same.

Lesson #10...
Note that Amy told me three different stories, each of which she believed to be true. In a shooting where the law is involved, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! You have one chance to get it right. No matter how innocent and right you think you are, let your attorney do the talking!

When I say Amy failed a couple of points, let me explain something. Amy won. She was not a failure. However, this clearly demonstrates that no matter how much training youve had, you can still fail under that much stress. What she DIDN'T fail at was accuracy and determination. One she has practiced extensively, the other is an inherent trait. I know MANY men that would not have done as well in the same situation. All-in-all, Amy did quite well under the circumstances and she learned a lot. After all this, I think I would just as soon have my wife backing me up in a hostile environment as a great many men that I know. 

Using this real-life scenario is a great training aid and I use it in all of my defensive weapon classes. Several of my students have asked me to put it into text form so they can study it. So... here it is!

(Edit: After Amy read this, she corrected me on some of the details of the shooting. I have made the necessary corrections to the story.)

23 April 2022

Surviving a Year in Post-Collapse Bosnia

 The gentleman's name is Selco. This is his first-hand account of living for a year with no law, no utilities, little food and scarce medical assistance. The epitome of urban survival. I have seen this on several forums over the years and don't actually know who to give credit to. I also read the entire interview on my radio show a couple of times. What I have posted here is the Q&A portion of the interview after the show. If you're not on board with prepping already, you will be after this...

(I also posted this with no spelling or grammar corrections)


“Nobody wins, we just survived, with a lot of bad dreams.” – Selco 

From Selco: 

OK, i wanna share with you my own experience. (be patient with my English, i am from far away ) I am from Bosnia, and as some of you may know it was hell here from 92-95, anyway, for 1 whole year i lived and survived in a city of 50 000- 60 000 residents WITHOUT: electricity, fuel,running water,real food distribution, or distribution of any goods, or any kind of organized law or government.The city was surrounded for 1 year and in that city actually it was SHTF situation. We did not have organized army or police force, there was groups of defenders, actually anybody who had a gun, fight for his own house and his own family. Some of us was better prepared, but most of families had food for couple of days, some of us had pistol, few owned AK-47 when all started. Anyway, after one month or two, gangs started with their nasty job,hospital looked like butchery, police force vanished, 80 percent of hospital staff gone home. I was lucky, my family was big in that time (15 members in one big house, 5-6 pistols, 3 Kalashnikov s) so we lived and survived, most of us. I remember US Air force dropped MRE every 10 days (god bless USA for that) as help for surrounded city, it just was not enough.Some of houses had little gardens with some vegetables, most did not. After three months rumors started abouth first deaths from starvation,deaths from low temperatures, we stripped every door , window frame from abandoned houses for heatin g, i burned all my own furniture for heating, lot of people died from diseases, mostly from bad water (two of my family members), we used rain water for drink, several times i ate pigeons, once i ate rat. Money did not worth sh.. we traded things, black market worked, few examples: for 1 corned beef can you could have woman for couple of hours(sounds bad, but it was reality) i remember, most of that womans were just desperate mothers, candles, lighters,antibiotics,fuel,batteries, rifle ammo and of course food, we fight like animals for that. In situation like that lot of things change, most of people turned to monsters, it was ugly. Strength was in the numbers, if you were alone in the house, you've been probably robbed and killed, no matter how well armed. Anyway, war ended, again thanks to America (and again god bless USA for that). It is not important witch side had right in that war. It was almost 20 years ago, but believe me, for me it was just like yesterday, i remember everything, and i think i learned a lot. Me and my family are prepared now, I am well armed, stocked and educated. It is not important what going to happen, earthquake,war, tsunami,aliens terrorists, important thing is that something gonna be. And from my expirience, you can not survive alone, strength is in the numbers, be close with your family, prepare with them, choose your friends wisely and prepare with them too. 

And at the end, this is my first post, and my English is not so good, so don t judge me too hard.  

” Q: How did you get around safely?" 

Actually city was broken in something like lot of street communities, in my street (15 or 20 houses) we organized patrols (5 armed man every night) to watch on gangs or enemies. We traded things between people in that street, 5 miles from my street there was one street with something like organized traders, but it was to dangerous to go there, it worked only during the nighttime (during the day it was sniper alley) and you had more chance to be robed there than to trade, i used that street only 2 times, and belive me, only when i am really need something bad. 

Q: "What about wood?" 

It looked like there are many forests around your city, why did you have to burn doors and furniture? First, thank you for your questions, i did not expect this amount of interest for my post. I ll be glad to share lot of things with you guys beecause i want to learn lot of things from you. Anyway: Bosnia have lot of woods and forests when you check map, but i lived in city closer to the croatian border, more to the south, i don t want to mention name of the city, but if you check map, south part of my country closer to croatia is all in rock. Yes we had some trees in my city, parks, fruit trees, but most of the city is building and houses” but belive me all trees in the city is going to be burned very fast when you dont have eletricity for cooking and heating. After that all what you have is furniture, doors, wooden floors… (and belive me that stuff is burning too fast). There was almost no car use in town because: most of the roads jammed with ruins, abandoned cars, destroyed houses stuff like that, and petrol was like gold. If i needed to go somewhere i almost always used night time, never go alone but also never go in big group (2-3 man maybe), always armed, very fast, always in shadows, tr ough ruins, rarely openly on the street, actually always hiding. We did not have suburbs and farmers, in suburbs were enemy army, we were surrounded with enemy army, and inside town you did not know who is your enemy. And yes, there were organized groops of gangs, 10-15 people, sometimes even 50, but also there were normal people like you and me, fathers, granddads, decent folks, who robed and killed, there was not too much good and bad guys, most of us was gray, ready for everything.  

Q: "Did you prep and what kind of skills did you need?" 

Of course you can ask. We use what we had, we was not prepared for that situation,we did not know for prepping. So you can imagine in some aspects we go back in stone age, actually in most of. We just used everything what we had, one example, i had in my propan(or butan i am not sure) stowe big bottle, cylinder (i am not sure is that right word), and i did not use it for cooking or heating, it was to valuable, i manage to built (fix) that bottle with my friend so i can attach a hose on some kind of ventil (sorry my english is going down here) so i can fill those disposable lighters,(they are not disposable if you knowhow to) those lighter worth a small fortune. To make story short, somebody bring me empty lighter to me and i fill that lighter with gas, usually i took one can for that or one candle or whatewer he can offer me. I hope you understand my example, my english is poor on some things. one more example, i am a registered nurse, in time like that, my knowledge was my thing for trade. And yes, be trained and educated, in times like that it worth a fortune if you know how to fix things, all your goods is going to be exhausted one day, but your specific knowledge can be your food. I mean learn to fix things (shoes or people, whatewer you can). My neighbor use to know how to make some kind of oil for oil lamps( oil in glass, peace of rope) and he was not hungry, he never show me how he made that oil i belive he use some tree behind his house and small amount of disel, i don t know. My point is learn things, people always need somebody who know to fix things. It was not survival movie, it was ugly, we did what we have to do to survive. Nobody wins, we just survived, with a lot of bad dreams. 

"Q: Wasn’t it religious, the war?" 

Sorry man wrong info, that was not Cristian vs Muslim war, it was civil war, with lot of switching between sides. And sorry i am not to go in to the politics, i dont care to much for that, i am not going into religious stories, i mean i believe in God as higher power, and I am trying to live by his laws, i am not belong to any dogma, Muslim or Christian.  

"Q: Who was your support group?" 

My group was only my family, my blood (relatives like uncles, grandmother…), in my street and in my town trips i had some close friends, but my best friends was my family . I never take stranger in my close group.  

"Q: If you had three months to prepare today, what would you do?" 

If i have extra three months to prepare? Hmmm, probably run overseas Joke OK, Now i am very well aware how things can go very bad in very short time so i have food, hygiene, energy etc. supply for 6 months, i live in apartment with some improved security, i have house with shelter in a village some 5 miles from my apartment, in that house also supply for 6 months, that village small community, most of them are my relatives,most of them are prepared (they learned that from war), i have four kind of fire weapons with 2000 bullets for each (sorry, can not go in details, laws are different here for rifles). I have big garden with that house and some good knowledge about gardening and farming. I think i have knowledge now to smell trouble, you know when everybody is saying that everything is going to be fine you somehow know that is everything going to fall apart. I think i have strength to do everything what it takes to keep me and my family alive, because when everything is going to sh.., be sure, you are going to do some bad things to save your kid. You don t want to be hero, you want to survive with your family. I am nurse, also i am paramedic (US standards) And i am willing to learn from all of you. One man survivor, no chance ( OK it is my opinion) no matter how well armed and prepared, at the end you gonna die, i’ve seen that, many times. Family groups or closest f riend with lot of preparing and lots of different knowledge, i believe that is best.  

"Q: What items should we stockpile?" 

Thank you Well depends, i quess if you stock only one thing you are not going to survive, unless you want to survive like robber, then you need only gun and lot od ammo. I believe besides ammo food hygiene and energy things (batteries etc.) you need to focus on small things for trade, pocket knives, lighters, flints. Also LOT of alcohol, kind that can stay long, i mean stuff like whiskey and that, does not important what kind, you can have cheapest kind, it is very good thing for trade in desperate time. Also lack of hygiene things killed a lot of people, i ve seen that. You gonna need to have some simple things, like for example lot of garbage bags, i mean a lot, many uses for that, and a LOT of duct tape, many many uses for that. In case of weapon keep it simple, i mean now i always carry Glock 45 with me, because i like that gun, but it is not usual gun and usual caliber here, so i also have two 7,62 mm TT russian pistols hidden, because almost everybody have that gun here and a lot ammunition. I don t like Kalashnikov, but here there is that rifle on almost every 3rd house so… Most of the time i collect my water from roof in 4 big barrels during the war, then cooked to desinfect, we also had river in that town , too poluted but if you can’t choose… I don t think i am expert, i am here to learn. I quess it depends how far you going to go to survive with your actions, you need to be prepared to do some ugly things. Oh yes it changed my perspective on life, i know now that bad things can happens, and on more important thing, actually i believe it is most important: I don’t anymore believe government and authority, not at all. When they really doing their best to assure you that everything going to be fine, you can be sure that something bad is happening. Do not just believe, research.  

"Q: What about the civil war…and the religious fighting? Did gold and silver help much and how did you get the alcohol and other supplies?" 

 Hello to all It is me again I believe in some point this discussion gone wrong way, and no i am not offended, everybody have right for opinion, so here is few of my opinions: It was a civil war, yes there was a great influence of religion, but somebody mention “what did you do with people of other religion?” Well in my family there are people with different religious beliefs so what do you mean with that? I ll try to explain you simple; it was an attackers and defenders, lot of switching sides, civil war. War ended without winners, it ended with truce, thanks mostly to USA.It was the wrong war, wrong reasons. I did not fight for religion or ethnicity, i fought to keep my family and myself alive. For last 15 years we have peace, we live with people who use to be our enemies, i do not to want to have war and enemy again because ethnicity or religion or any other re ason. Please do not try to generalize anything about that war, there was not good and bad side, we all suffered and we all try to live together again. And yes every side did bad things, and every side had booth good and bad guys. I am here for one and only reason- survival, i want to learn, and i can share some useful stuff with you. I don t think about your religious beliefs, your ethnicity or your politic opinion. Few words about my city before war, it was a usual Bosnian town, normal life, decent people, schools, theaters, parks, college, airport, crime rate very low, town like most of the smaller towns in USA (i think). I was a young man, just like any of you maybe. Now very important think: i am not here to discuss about war reasons, or sides, religion or anything similar. Thanks to the war, in my town was REAL SHTF situation, and we can discuss only about that, only that is important. You have a lot internet pages, you can learn everything about that war, and you can choose side if you want. OK that s it. About survival. I don t know about other people on this forum, but i have lot of alcohol stacked now. At the beginning of war tank grenade smashed front wall of small distillery (alcohol factory) close to my house, so we took something around 500 liters of rakia (it is something like bosnian whiskey, i guess, it made from grape, very strong) It was great stuff for trading, people used alcohol a lot, desperate times i think, we also use it for disinfection. About hygiene, cups and plates, paper or plastic, you gonna need a LOT, i know, we did not have it at all. My opinion that hygiene things is more important maybe than food, you can easily shoot pigeon, if you have grandmother she may know some eatable plants on nearest small hill (my experience) but you can not shoot hand sanitizer. Water purifying pills, all kind of cleaning stuff, sanitizers, lot of soap, bleach, gloves, masks, all disposable, take very good care about first aid training, learn how to treat smaller cuts, burns or even gunshot wound, there is not hospital, even if you found doctor somewhere he probably do not have any meds, or you do not have stuff to pay him. Learn how and when to use antibiotics and have it a lot. Belive me with good knowledge and good amount of meds you are gonna be rich. About gold and silver, yes, me personally gave all my gold for ammunition in that time, but it did not worth too much. About pets, i did not have it, i did not notice a lot pets in that time, did somebody ate it? I don t know, probably. About small family, hmm, not good, usualy few smaller families get together in biggest house and stay together, all relatives (my case) Small family or single man, not good for survive in town SHTF, maybe in wilderness (i don t have expirience in that) Even if you stay low profile, hidden in your house with lot of food etc, sooner or later mob will come, and you have maybe have one or two guns, very hard. I agree with low profile policy, it is very important not to attract people w ith anything, but when they come, you need to have numbers, people and guns, best people is your family. About moving trough the city: always night time as i mentioned, never alone, 2-3 man, very fast, never attract with anything, look like everybody else, if most folks look desperate, poor, dirty you need to look same, there is no need that everybody know you have good amount of food, ammo , clean cloths and everything else back at home. Loo k and act like everybody else. When somebody attack you or your family then you need to show that you are very ready. I never walked in big groups,in that time and that situation big group is gang. Now, this is all my experience, it was then, i did a lot of mistakes, i am not expert, i am here just like any of you, to learn and share. For example i don t know too much about wilderness survival, i am here to check it. Oh yes, few things to the Sedoy: my wife is different ethnicity, and she is also a Catholic, i am not, and to answer you : no i am not going to shoot her. 

"Q: What happened to those who died? Where did people get firewood?" 

 Well, who ever died or get killed in that period, did not get proper funeral. Folks used used every peace of free land, close to house for burial, sometimes even in the garden, 2-3 city parks turned to graveyards,after war most of them are exhumed and properly buried. There was not noting like burning bodies or anything similar, as far as i know. Oh one more interesting thing about fire, some people use to go few miles during the night only to find fire somewhere so they can fire peace of wood and bring it home, and start fire for cooking or heating, lighters and matches was really precious, and most of the folks did not have enough firewood do keep always fire. For most of the people it w as constant search for something, fire,wood,food,ammo… 

Q: "Was salt valuable" 

It was valuable yes, but not too much, for example coffee or cigarettes worth-ed much more.

Q "What about cigarettes?"

Hm, i had a lot of alcohol as i mentioned before, i traded almost everything without any problem, let me say it like this: consumption of alcohol was probably 10 times more than in normal time.Not to mention cleaning and disinfection. On the other side you made a very good point, if you have money and time and you have a storage it is probably better to store cigarettes or candles and batteries for trade, or food. I was not prepper at that time, we did not have time to prepare, few days before SHTF politicians on TV stated that everything is fine, when sky fell down we just take what you can.

Q: "Tell us more about cooking and the foods you were able to prepare. Were you concerned about the smell getting around and alerting people that there was food over there?"

About cooking, before the SHTF i used in my house electricity for booth, cooking and heating, so when everything started i traded some stuff for some kind of old wood stove, i put it in kitchen ad fix exhaust pipe (right word?) trough hole in wall, i use that for cooking and heating. During the summer i cooked in my backyard (walled fence, brick, luckily) Concerning the smell of the food, hm, i ll try to picture situation: no electricity, no running water, sewage off for months, dead bodies in ruined houses, grime and mess , believe me it was very hard to smell something nice. It was not like in movies, it was ugly,dirty, and smelly. Yes i had few problems because of cooking, only few, but as i sad before, enough people, properly armed and with will to defend and you can manage most of the problems with that. Probably situation would be different in wilderness. I ate mostly some kind of pancakes with local herbs (does not require cooking oil and too much firewood), and of course everything what i could get and trade, rice was good to eat, not too much firewood for that. I think i had luck, only few times i ate funny things like pigeons. I always had something to trade, i guess that saved me, and guns of course. 

Q: "1. Why would the night be safer than daytime? Outside of the obvious of being easier to hide at night, but were the gangs more out during the days? Also, why only small groups of 2-3? What happened to larger groups? 2. Why would you have to go out at night? For instance, where were you going and why? 3. How did you handle the mob situation when they came for you, or your family? 4. You mentioned trading for bullets, etc. How much shooting were you doing during that time and how much ammo did you have, or would like to have had? 5. How were you able to determine who was an enemy and who wasn’t? How did you manage to get out there trade with people and when/where? 6. What fortifications did you do to your home and what kind of guard, or protections did you have in place? 7. Finally, how did you avoid snipers? What precautions did people take against them?"

First almost nobody were out during the day because of snipers, line of defence was very close, so whatever you have to do, you do it during the night, trade something, look for firewood (i can express how much this was important in town, and hard), looking for anything, check somebody, go to hear news (very very important, lot of people get kill ed because they go somewhere just to see what happening, or what s new) remember, no news, no radio ,no tv, nothing, rumors fed lot of people. Already explained, you can stay home and die of hunger and cold, or even infection of some small wound or go out and risk your life, try to find – trade anything useful. I did have situations concerning my house only, it is no need for too much details, we had more fire power, and brick wall. Also we had something like street watch, people from my street were good organized, in case of gangs, now there were a lot shootings. There was pretty much shooting in town, i did not have enough weapon at the beginning, one rifle and one pistol (ww2), maybe 100 bullets, later i trade some things for more rifles and ammo, remember i gave car battery for 2 rifles. How much ammo ? A LOT, as more as you can. Most of the time you are not able to determine who is enemy or friend, expect my family and few real friend, everybody else is potential enemy. When your friend must choose between his child s death and your death quess who is going to choose. Rumors, somebody tells you that some old guy few block away have some cans and he is looking for ammo or whatever, you go there, as i say you are always looking for something. Same some people would came in my street as traders, witha some goods. There was something like trade street during the night, actualy it was a big ruins of sport center, you can go overthere and look for something or offer something, but it was not controlled by anyone so it was too dangerous. It was primitive pretty much, brick wall around house,bags of sand on windows and doors, over that bags we used whatever you can, big pieces of metal, stones, inside house we put all kind of stuff on windows, only small openning left for rifle, always 5 members of family ready for fight, one always outside on street hidden. Stone age situation To avoid snipers, we stay home at day, it was not so much night snipers, even during the night we never walked openly on the streets if we can avoid that, always shortcut s, trough ruins, fast and quiet.

Q: "What was your bathroom situation? Where did you go? Did you have anything to wipe with? Sorry ask such personal questions, but this is something that I’ve wondered about in this type of situation."

we used shovel and any piece of land close to house, sounds dirty, and it is dirty, washing with collected rainwater, sometimes go to river (most of the time that was too dangerous) Most of the time we did not have toilet paper, even if i had it, i trade it. It was a bad situation all the time. If i can give some advice: first to prep is a weapon and ammo, then everything else, i mean everything, depends how much money and space you have, if you forget something no problem there is always somebody ready for trade, but if you forget guns and ammo then you may not be able to get to trading places. I do not see big family or group of really( i mean really) good friends as more mouth to feed, i see them as more guns and strength, it is in people nature to adapt. And keep it simple and use common sense, in the first period weak people vanished, other fight. Go with small thing, lighters, candles, flints. It is great idea to have fuel generator( electrical generating unit?) but i think is better idea to have 1000 bic lighters . Fuel generator is great, but in shtf scenario in town it is going to attract whole army,1000 bic lighters don t take too much space, cheap, you can always trade it for something. Real SHTF scenario demands completely change of normal mindset, hard to explain, i ll try through examples.

Q: "How easy/hard was it to get weapons AFTER the SHTF and what could you trade for weapon and ammunition (I remember you saying a car battery for a rifle) and where would I go to find the people who trade in weapons?"

Hm, you re right, after the war every house here had a weapon from war, and yes police did some actions to take illegal weapon from population, depends from man to man i quess, lot of people find ways to hide their weapon somewhere, just in case. I also have legal weapon (license), and authority here have some thing they call it “temporary collecting”, it is says something like : in a case of unusual event (riots, unrest, etc) government have right to temporary collect all legal weapon, so i keep always in mind that, and i acted like some people. You know some people have legal weapon for everyday carry( i have glock 45 and taurus 38) but some people with legal weapon also have illegal weapon hidden somewhere just in case SHTF and “temporary collecting”. It is not hard to get weapon in SHTF if you have good stuff for trade, but other thing is important, first days of SHTF is worst in terms of chaos and panic, maybe you not gonna have time to get gun. And to be unarmed in chaos panic and riots is bad. In my case man needed car battery for radio i think, and he had some extra rifles, so we trade.

Q: "What about medical care for people who were shot or became injured?"

Wounds was mostly gunshot wounds of course, without specialists and everything else, if wounded manage to find doctor somewhere he had like 30% chances to live, again it is not movie, mostly they died, lot of died even from minor cuts infections, i had antibiotics maybe for 3-4 treatment. Of course for my family only. Simple things killed people, diarrhea can kill you in a few days without meds and rehidratation, (fluid therapy, IV) especially small kids. Lot of fungal skin deseases,and food poisoning, we could not do too much. Basically we treated diseases mostly with local herbs, and if you had wound, put rakia on it and try to find antibiotics somewhere. So i was good at fixing wounds in term of emergency help, but longer procedure-bad prognosis. What i learned? Hygiene again, and a lot of meds, especially antibiotics. You need to learn to treat lot of stuff, go online, finish some training, EMT maybe, first aid etc. In SHTF things are different, learn how to open IV, when to use certain drug, or antibiotics. Get your self ANA TE (anti tetanus ) shot injections , snake poison kit, adrenaline kit (allergic reactions, different kinds) thick removal kit, (thick related illness can kill you, learn how to remove thick)… Get in your prepper storage some reanimation kit (simple one) like small oxygen cylinder, BVM mask etc. It is not really hard to learn to use all of these. OK let s clear something, of course you can not use anything of this in real world unless you are certified and trained for that ( EMT, nurse, physician ). But in SHTF nobody ask you for license, just learn and have in your storage big part for medical things. So to answer question how did i help and treat, most of the time very poor,i help some with resources that i have, i took food or something else for exchange, i was badly prepared for that, now i am what do i need to have.

Q: "Did your local currency/money still hold value? Were you still able to use money to purchase items from other people?"

No, not really, i mean sometimes you can use foreign money if you had it to buy something, (dollars or German marks) but even in that rare occasion rate was unbelievable for examples 1 can of beans for 30-40 dollars (normal value was maybe 0,50) i quess somebody had connections with outside world, black market you know, so he can earn lot of money.But it was very rare. Trade was main thing to get something. Local currency crashed very fast, in few weeks or month maybe.

Q: "How much space should I keep for alcohol storage? What was security like?"

About alcohol first, you right but you are right in booth ways, people need alcohohol more in desperte times then usual, so it is kind of gambling i guess , it is very good item for trading, i never had problems with alcohol trading and having than problems with trading other things. Also i am thinking about something else, maybe it is better to fill my storage with something less space consuming but still interesting for trade, like batteries, antibi otics etc. Thing is i had all that alcohol for free, i did not buy it. I don t know about this. In most of the situations people attack me because they think they are stronger, they did not know for sure what i really had. About ammunition trade, it depends how much ammo you are going to have, sometimes i trade ammo for food, and in few weeks again food for ammo, but i never never do trade at my home, and never bigger amounts, very few people knowed how much of anything i had in my house. The point is store as much of anything as you can store (space , money) later during the situation you ll see what is most popular, correction ammo and guns always gonna had 1 place for me, but who knows maybe number 2 for trading gonna be for example masks with filters. About medical issue , i ll write in my next post what do i have now in my medical part of storage. Defence were very primitive, again we were not prepared, we use what ever we could, windows were broken, roofs mostly damaged from shelling, all windows were blocked with something, sand bags and rocks,every night i blocked my yard gate with junk- rubble from the street and i use old alluminium ladder to get over the wall, when i come back i called somebody from house to get me that ladders so i can move in. Guy from my street barricaded his house completely, if he go out at night he use a hole that he maded in one room that is connected with neighbor s house, and go trough his (ruined and destroyed) house out, actually he had secret entrance. It may look weird to say but most secured houses are gone first, of course we had some very nice houses in neighborhood, with walls, dogs, alarms, steel bars on windows, alarms. And you can quess what happened, mob attacked those houses first, some were defended other not, depend how many guns and hands thea have inside. So i think security is great, but be sure that you keep it low profile, forget about alarm, if you live in town and SHTF you gonna need simple looking non interesting secured house, with lot of guns and ammunitions. Just keep it low profile and not interesting. On my apartment door now i have steel door for security reason, but only to keep me trough first short period of chaos, then i am moving out to connect with bigger group of armed people (family and friends) in the country (i hope). Well in my case migration did not happen because it happen very fast, other army just closed city in ring and that s it, if you ask me where was that army and how we did not seen them coming, the answer is simple, that army was an ally of army of my side and people, and one day we woke up and figured they are enemy now and they are closing all ways out. Politics . It is true, one more side of civil war. But i heard from others parts of country, and my frends who stayed in villages in the other parts in state, that they have much better situations,countryside had land,corn,wheat, fruit trees, farms etc they had enough food, it was bad, but much better than in city. I know one thing if we had some way out from the town, we would use it, we did not have it.

Q: "What was the situation with banks and stores?"

About banks, loans, credit cards. Complete monetary system died for about one year, so nothing works. It is complex question in many ways, i ll try it to answer it in some future posts, need much more time and much much more space to describe it. Even now almost 20 years later folks are at European court suing banks, because they dont want to admit their savings in banks, lot of different things happened in that period , they changed money, i mean monetary name, they changed it 2-3 times , hyperinflation occurs, lost of paper trails about savings, loans … i remember some people use that situation to get rich, they still rich.:) So i ll try to describe that in separate post. There was a lot problems with proving people s property after everything, for example: my father had nice apartment and because war he must leave it, after war ended he w as at court for about 4 years proving that apartment was his, reasons for that were different, because politics in that time, but also he did not have enough paper work to prov e that apartment was his (he did not took papers from apartment when he fled, he had more important things to care). On the other side during the worst period, people just moved in empty house, and that s it. I mention rural areas in other post. As far as i remember it was better there. In that period there is not running vehicle, actually i remember tank at the front line, and Lada Niva (check it on web) with cut of doors and roof and installed machine gun ( i think it was an old m53) and those two only moved when they fired( they keep it hidden behind ruined houses). For let me call it “civilian population” there was no moving with vehicles, streets were mostly under rubble and unusable and fuel was too expensive. Not to draw attention was a big thing, about clothing, there use to be some sort of town defense, it was not like real military,mostly mixed civilian clothes with part of uniforms, different weapon, so no rules. But as soon as go in to that things and try to talk about two armies, their strength, war crimes, politics i am not gonna like it any more, because people gonna start to choose sides, and i think it is not important for us here. As i said before there was not organized army, but we all been like soldiers, we had to, most of us carry weapon and try to protect from enemy army and robbers. Inside the town you did not want to look fancy because somebody shoot you and took your good stuff, you did not want to have fancy rifle, because probably you not gonna find ammo in that caliber and also you are drawing attention. So let s me try to put it this way: if SHTF tomorrow, i will try to look like most of the people outside, scared, desperate, confused and i ll scream maybe, no fancy looking stuff, i ll not go out in fancy new uniform and yell “I am here, you are finished now looters and robbers” I ll stay low profile, heavily armed and well prepared waiting to see my options, even if i have to go out with all my gear to do things i ll go in night, with best friend or brother. Maybe sounds ridiculous, but from my expirience it works, be wery well prepared, but let nobody outside your house know or see that. No matter how good is your house security, how good is your weapon, if people see that they have good reason to rob you they probably rob you in town SHTF, it is only matter of time and number of guns.Don t ever give them reason to be interesting for robbing. Stay uninteresting. Now this is my opinion, maybe is not working in different situation. About robbing grocery store and gas stations, it happened very very fast, as soon as shooting started all valuable things was emptied, there vas some effort of authority to keep it together but everything fall apart in first weeks.

(Editor's note: I don't know if there is more to this or not. This is all I could find.)


 In Liberty, Cope Reynolds (Desertscout) Southwest Shooting Authority of Arizona "The Shooting Bench" Podcast: The Shooting Bench    

Colts and Kimbers are what you show your friends. 

GLOCKS are what you show your enemies!

8-hr Disaster Preparedness Seminar

Coming next to St. Johns, AZ!

With current events being what they are, I think it's time to push preparedness a little harder. We have done this 8-hr class and several shorter classes in about 15 cities in 8 or 9 states. The classes have been well attended and well received but it's time to push harder. You can be as optimistic as you wish but there is no denying that America is in real trouble. Hard times are just around the corner. Maybe I should say HARDER times because they're getting pretty hard already what with the exorbitant prices of fuel, food and land, food shortages, housing shortages and WW III right around the corner. Are you and your family ready? Folks, this class will be one of the most important things that you can do right now. Listed below arer many of the topics that will be covered but many new things have been added recently to keep up with changing times. 
 Here is a rough outline and time schedule of the class. 
 • 8:00am - Introduction and purpose of class
 *• Stress Management
 *• Water 
 • Importance 
 • Storage
 • Obtaining 
 • Filtering 
 • Purifying
* • Food
 • Amounts 
 • What to Store 
 • Where to Store 
 • Preparing Food for Storage
 • Survival Cooking and Preparation
 • Shelf Lives 
 • Scavenging 
 - 10am (15 min break)-
*• Communication 
*• Light and Heat 
*• Camping Supplies 
*• Fuel Storage 
*• Commodities 
*• Storage of Other Supplies 

LUNCH (1 hour) 

• Preparing Your Home 
• Bartering 
*• Medical Concerns 
• Health, Wellness and Survival
 3pm (15 min. break)
 • Personal Protection in Violent Times • Survival on the move
 • Personal Kit 
 • Vehicle Kit 
 • 72-hr Kit 
 • Long-term Kit 
• NBC Precautions 
 Times are approximate!

 Again, this is an all-day class, starting at 8am and ending around 4 or 5pm on Saturday, 21 May. The address is 160 Commercial St. in St. Johns. 

The normal price for this presentation is $125 but because of the urgency that I feel right now, I'm doing it for only $25! 
We will take an hour for lunch. You may leave for lunch or you can bring it and eat in the classroom. We will do a Q&A session during that time. Water and snacks will be provided.

 In Liberty, Cope Reynolds (Desertscout) Southwest Shooting Authority of Arizona "The Shooting Bench" Podcast: The Shooting Bench   Colts and Kimbers are what you show your friends. GLOCKS are what you show your enemies!I 

30 March 2022

Expedient Hemostatic Agent (QuikClot)

I helped a former Spec Ops friend of mine conduct several Combat Medic classes over the years, beginning in 2012. Having helped with that class numerous times enabled me to come away with a considerable amount of information about a plethora of different emergency medical concerns. While I am most assuredly NOT qualified to teach that class, I think I can safely share a few things with you. The following is safe, cheap, easy method to make your own blood stopping agent that is virtually identical to the commercial hemostatic agent, QuikClot.

Of course, like any emergency procedure or expedient substance that you use, you do so at your own risk. This information is not intended to be a substitute for proper medical care...

Modern QuikClot is primarily made up of kaolin clay. It is very expensive and not always readily available. This short tutorial will teach you how to make your own form of blood stopping agent that, for all practical purposes, is just like QuikClot but many times cheaper, doesn't burn like the older QuikClot and gives you the ability to make custom sizes and amounts for your purposes. The clay itself can be purchased locally or from Amazon. It is simply called kaolin clay and may say “white cosmetic” on it. Either way, just make sure it is pure kaolin clay.

In an emergency, use the the clay just as it is, right out of the bag. Simply pour the powder generously directly into the wound. Pack it in and apply pressure to keep it from being washed out by the flowing blood. However, the powder is difficult to use and there a danger of migration. That means it can be sucked into a blood vessel and cause a clot in the vein. Also, Kaolin is very fine and any breeze at all will make it difficult to get into the wound.

Obviously, the best thing to do is to prepare your blood clotting agent ahead of time. This is called being prepared and its not a bad way to handle things! To prepare your homemade “QuikClot”, stir about 4 cups of kaolin clay into 2 cups of clean water. A combination of 1.5 cups of distilled water and .5 cups of colloidal silver is good insurance to help prevent infection. Mix until you create a batter similar to very  thin, pancake batter. Spread thinly (1/4” or so) on a foil covered baking sheet and bake till completely dry. Remove from oven, crumble into a granular type consistency that resembles cat litter and repackage. It breaks up pretty easily. These granules work fine in smaller wounds but you can also make a blood clotting gauze that works better for larger wounds.

Make the gauze by soaking different lengths of gauze in the batter and bake at 250 to 300 degrees until completely dry. Gently shake the loose powder out, roll it up lightly and package it. Make 3 or 4 different sized rolls for different sized wounds. You can also pack multiple small rolls in larger wounds.

When better care is available, this and any other clot accelerators must be cleaned out of a wound prior to closing. If not, they can form a place where bacteria can grow and cause infection. If, on the rare chance that it does not cause infection, they will likely become encapsulated and there is a possibility they could interfere with healing or the body could form a knot under the skin that will be irritating. Scratching it may expose it once again possibly causing additional infection.

In the real world of SHTF, it is imperative to clean a wound as well as possible. However, it is not possible to get every speck out without the tools used in a modern emergency room. The best expedient method is to use saline with some sort of antiseptic in it like Betadyne, Hibacleanse, Colloidal Silver or Berberine (Extracted from the barberry or Oregon grape root). A soft, toddlers tooth brush works well for gentle scrubbing. Flush the wound and scrub gently. Irrigation, combined with a soft brush, will get it sufficiently clean. The Walmart brand of sterile saline for eye wash is perfect for this. The bottle has a built in nozzle to help flush the wound under pressure when the bottle is squeezed. While doing all this, it is important to control the bleeding. There will be some, but direct pressure should take care of it. When cleaned adequately, go ahead and close to the best of your ability using sutures, butterfly bandages, Super Glue Gel or a combination of any or all of these if professional care is not immediately available.

Political Tribalism


I have a couple of preparedness groups on social media, one on FB and one on Gab. Someone posted this video (link above) on the FB group. I almost deleted it because that group is 100% dedicated to preparedness. Period. I don't want any political discussion to take away from the spirit of why most of the members joined the group.

However, after listening to the talk, I felt that it may have some merit above and beyond the typical political discussions that we see all over FB. When the wheels fall off and this country is plunged into survival mode, we will absolutely NOT form one large, amicable group that will strive to all get along for the greater good. Make no mistake, "tribes" will be formed and wars will be fought. That is an undeniable truth. It will not be avoided.
The talk in this video may help those that were fortunate enough to hear it to at least be able to form larger, protective "tribes" if they understand and strive to practice the principles mentioned in this talk.
Final analysis? This video IS preparedness related.

I have my own thoughts about this subject which, on one hand, totally agrees with much of what she says but on the other I have an opinion that is diametrically opposed. 

I fully agree with her as to why this has happened. I have told many, many people over the last few years the following:  

"When I was growing up, we had friends that were Democrats. We barely knew that they were and didn't care. We could agree to disagree and go on about our business. No harm, no foul, but this is no longer the case.  The Left has changed. There are no more JFK's in Democratic leadership. The Left is now hell-bent on destroying America. They have become enemies of "we the people". Enemies of the constitution that most of us hold so dear. We can no longer just go along to get along."

It was a very nice talk and I encourage you to listen to it. It explains a lot but it's too little, too late. It cannot be reversed now. The genie is out of the bottle. 

22 March 2022

Fuel Prices, Food Shortages and WW III

A lot is going on in our country right now. Prices of virtually everything are sky high. We are seeing the beginning of hyper-inflation. Fuel prices are making hard to do any traveling that is not absolutely necessary. Even just going to work is a difficult. Lumber prices are through the roof which is dramatically affecting new home prices. Groceries are WAY higher than they have ever been and continue to rise and food shortages are becoming very apparent. To top it all off, the chances of being launched into WW III are becoming quite worrisome. 

You guys know all this. Most of you also know that I have been heavily involved in disaster preparedness for my whole life, literally. I have taught dozens of classes about it, written a book about it, researched and sold products concerning it and have tried to help people at every turn. I am also the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator at my church.

Food, water, medical supplies and the training to use them, alternative power, defense and communications are all vital issues that will affect how well we ride out this storm.

The last 2 times that I've offered Survival Tabs to you, I've warned of an upcoming price increase. Well, it's here. This is definitely the last time I'll be able to order at this price. Not only is the price going up, demand during these turbulent times is very high. 
As I've said before, if you buy directly from the manufacturer, they are $32.50 a bottle plus shipping. The average price on Amazon is $45 for a single bottle but I am offering this potentially life-saving product for $28 one last time. In order to get this price AND free shipping, you will have to order a minimum of 5 bottles.  Ordering information is at the bottom of this message

I've posted this several times but for those of you that are not yet familiar with Survival Tabs, here's the deal...

Survival Tabs are lightweight, compact, very inexpensive and can keep you alive and healthy for long periods of time, maybe even indefinitely. 

The following is from the last email to refresh your memory and for the new folks...

"I have personally used and sold Survival Tabs now for probably 12-15 years. They are nutritious, long-lasting and compact. The average person only needs 12 tablets per day to provide all the nutrition necessary to get by with no other supplement except water! I'VE DONE IT! 180 tablets in a bottle provides you with 15 days worth of food for only 28 bucks!! You literally cannot grow your own food this cheap and you can put a year's supply for one person in a small suitcase. They are invaluable for trips, camping, hiking, emergencies or long-term food storage. They come in 4 delicious flavors; chocolate, strawberry, butterscotch and vanilla malt and have a shelf-life of 10+ years! (Its actually much longer than this. Some researchers have said 25+ years)

I'm doing this for friends, family and students because I feel a sense of urgency. This company has not raised its prices for a very long time but they are expecting a 10-20% increase soon, possibly by the 1st of the year so I don't know right now how long I will be able to do this." Note: Again, the price increase is here now! They will never be offered at this price again.

If any of you have any questions or concerns about this or any other preparedness issue, PLEASE don't hesitate to give me a holler! I will help as much as I can. You can message me on Gab or Facebook for payment information and my phone number will be provided to those that receive this via email or text. 

Because I am offering these tablets at such a low price, I cannot accept credit cards, PayPal this time because of the fees. Here's how you can pay...

* Zelle, using this email address... 76Paragon at gmail dot com 

I wasn't going to allow Venmo this time either but out of necessity, I must so for Venmo, use Desertscout1.

* Postal money order to:

Cope Reynolds
650 N. Penrod Rd #554
Show Low, AZ 85901

* If you are local, of course I will accept cash or check
If you have any problems, get ahold of me and we'll work it out.

I plan to make this order on April 4th so I will need to have money in hand on that day! I know it's short notice but if we're going to beat this price increase, we don't have a choice.

In Liberty,
Cope Reynolds

26 February 2022

What Does E.O. 13603 Mean For You?

I received the following from a retired flag officer who REALLY puts this issue in perspective. I was painfully aware of of Truman's and Obama's contributions but somehow missed Biden's. 
It would behoove you to read this...
-- CR
"And Now to U.S. Executive Order 13603…
Canada is a different country from the U.S., and it operates under different laws.

However, it is wise to consider what is happening under the Emergencies Act.

In the U.S, we have the Defense Production Act of 1950. The act was initially enacted in response to the Korean War and the Cold War to ensure Americans had supplies and equipment during war times.

However, since it was enacted, it has been reauthorized more than 50 times.

According to the Congressional Research Service:

'The Defense Production Act of 1950, as amended (DPA), provides the President a broad set of authorities to ensure that domestic industry can meet national defense requirements. In the DPA, Congress has found that ‘the security of the United States is dependent on the ability of the domestic industrial base to supply materials and services for the national defense and to prepare for and respond to military conflicts, natural or man-caused disasters, or acts of terrorism within the United States.’ Through the DPA, the President can, among other activities, prioritize government contracts for goods and services over competing customers, and offer incentives within the domestic market to enhance the production and supply of critical materials and technologies when necessary for national defense.'

The DPA has been utilized for natural disasters, such as hurricane relief and the COVID-19 pandemic by President Trump.

Presidents tend to make Executive Orders under the Defense Production Act to address national emergency procedures and delegate authority in these extraordinary circumstances.

On March 16, 2012, President Obama issued Executive Order 13603, which focused on National Defense Resources Preparedness, under the Defense Production Act of 1950.

The Executive Order updated previous orders to include specifics about who is responsible for allocating which materials.

According to Jim Powell, “More than previous national security executive orders, Obama’s 13603 seems to describe a potentially totalitarian regime obsessed with control over everything.”

Executive Order 13603 essentially gives the federal government power to seize control of everything, including:

All commodities and products that are capable of being ingested by either human beings or animals.
All forms of energy.
All forms of civil transportation.
All usable water from all sources.
Health resources – drugs, biological products, medical devices, materials, facilities, health supplies, services, and equipment.

Can you still sleep easy knowing the U.S. government can seize and control food and water?
It’s a terrifying thought.

On October 21, 2021, President Biden issued the Executive Order on the Designation to Exercise Authority over the National Defense Stockpile.

President Biden’s press release states, “In Executive Order 14017 of February 24, 2021 (America’s Supply Chains), I directed a comprehensive review of America’s supply chains to ensure that they are resilient in the face of a range of risks. One critical component of safeguarding supply chain resilience and industrial base health is ensuring that both the Federal Government and the private sector maintain adequate quantities of supplies, equipment, or raw materials on hand to create a buffer against potential shortages and import dependencies.”

Recent Events That Show It’s Possible
If you assume we won’t deal with anything as extreme as Canadians recently faced, consider the following examples.

JPMorgan freezes donations to Republicans who contested the 2020 election – “The country's largest lender was among many corporations that paused political giving following the deadly January 6 Capitol riots when supporters of former president Donald Trump tried to stop Congress from certifying the election.”

GiveSendGo hacking – As a result of Canada’s Emergencies Act, GoFundMe stopped allowing people to donate money to the Freedom Convoy through their funding platform. So people started contributing to the Freedom Convoy using a different funding platform – GiveSendGo. It raised more than $10 million. However, GiveSendGo was hacked, and all of those who donated (many of whom were Americans) had their personal information posted publicly, which threatened their livelihoods.

Preparedness Steps to Take Today
It is wise to recognize that what is happening in Canada could one day affect us. And that with a swipe of a pen, Executive Order 13603 could be enacted.

Here are some ways to prepare should you/we face “out-of-the-ordinary expansive governmental powers.”

Cash – Do not depend wholly on banks or other financial institutions. If the situation in Canada has taught us anything, it is that the government can go after our financial resources. Keep cash on hand.
Food – Executive order 13603 designates the ability to seize control of food resources. This includes taking control of meat packaging plants, farms, etc. Prepare for this possibility and keep plenty of long-term emergency food on hand.
Fuel and Transportation – Keep fuel in your gas tank and have a backup form of transportation. In addition, have paper maps on hand and know back-roads in your area.
Energy – Governments in America have already enacted rolling blackouts (such as Texas and California). Since we already know they have the power to do so, invest in solar power tools."

If it could happen there, it can happen here.

11 January 2022

RAISE Your Children!

I got the inspiration for this from a post a friend of mine put on FB. Instead of just sharing it, I wanted to add a few things to it that I thought were relevant. The post below explains a lot of what is wrong with this entire country. 

If parents would stop letting electronic devices babysit their children and start RAISING them, we would begin to see more productive, useful citizens out there. Limit their time on electronic devices and social media. Make them earn it. Limit YOUR time on electronic devices and social media and teach your children some of things you learned growing up.

I am sickened by the number young adults that have absolutely zero life skills. None. They are clueless about anything that would help them through life if it includes that which would get their lillie-white hands dirty or involve anything physical. Many (if not most) kids/young adults are clueless when it comes to changing their own oil, sharpening a knife, operating a shovel, shooting a gun, building a fire, gutting a rabbit, washing dishes, chopping wood... the list goes on and on. This applies to young women as well as young men.

I was RAISED!! I didn't just grow up. During this raising process, I was also taught respect and manners and to take responsibility for my actions. I was taught be honest. I was taught to speak when I enter a room, say please and thank you, to have respect for my elders, to get up off my lazy butt and let the elder in the room have my chair, to say "Yes sir" and "No sir", to lend a helping hand to those in need, to hold the door for the person behind me, say excuse me when it's needed and to love people for who they are, not for what you can get from them. I was also taught to treat people the way I want to be treated.

Sadly, life skills and respect seem to fading away with time and it shows. Not only does it show on the streets in our society, its beginning to take its toll heavily on our country. It shows in how the country is run and how it is allowed to be run...
RAISE your kids, don't just let them grow up!