24 March 2021

The Boulder Shooting

So a guy walks into a grocery store and shoots and kills 10 people in a state that has over 400,000 CCW holders, reciprocity with 33 states and virtually unfettered open carry. It's hard to believe that not one person had a gun... or maybe they did and were unwilling to use it.

Granted, all the information about this tragedy is not in yet but there are still some undeniable truths and some mighty suspicious coincidences surrounding this shooting so I'm going to bounce around here a little bit and talk about a few different issues. I have written about much of this before. I think its time to revisit it...

First off, Ahmed Al Alawi Alissa is a Syrian-born Muslim, not a white Trump supporter as was first reported by some wild-eyed, mainstream media newscaster. The motive here should be self-evident. Or was there a motive? Could it be that this was a carefully crafted false-flag to help push extreme anti-gun measures through Congress? Does it not seem odd to anyone that in this very city, an "assault weapon" ban which had been in place since 2018, was ruled illegal and unenforceable barely a week ago? A ban that prohibited the very rifle that this shooter used. 

Another interesting thing I saw in one of the many frantic, almost incoherent news articles was the college student who said she saw, from across the street in her apartment, and I quote, "I saw the gunman himself holding a semi-automatic rifle". Really? You expect me to believe that this student was knowledgeable enough about firearms that she could distinguish a semi-auto rifle from a single-shot shotgun from across the street? Perhaps 100, even 200 feet away? Maybe she could but it sounds a whole lot more to me like a contrived war on the tools of freedom. 

As I have said before on similar occasions, the moment that this man let his radical ideologies take over and Satan took control of his actions, he became the Beast. He became the evil that many pretend doesn't exist and should have been stopped by someone that accepts the fact that it does. Unfortunately, it seems that there was no one present that had the willingness to confront the Beast and he murdered until he was apprehended.

Which brings us to another point that I have made before and will make again. As far as I'm concerned, this is non-negotiable...

Be aware folks! Pay attention to what goes around you...EVERYTHING! Not just the guy in the hoodie. Women, kids, store owners, the cop on the corner... wait, the cop? Yeah, the cop. In the last 15 years, we have seen soldiers, sailors, security guards and yes, even police officers perpetrate mass shootings on citizens in this country. No one gets a pass my friends. Does this make you paranoid? No, I said pay attention to everything, not fear everything. Being ultra aware of your surroundings simply helps put you ahead of the game. With a little luck and a watchful eye, it may help you to maybe have the upper hand, allowing you to decide what course of action you need to take instead of the Beast deciding for you!

People need to try to come to grips with the fact that we live in an increasingly violent world. Violence thrives on fear and weakness. Violence MUST be met with violence if we are to survive! As distasteful as this may seem to some, it is a cold, hard fact of the society that we live in today. Therefore, we MUST be armed, trained, prepared and willing at all times to confront the Beast when he knocks on our door. By this, I mean that all good and decent people MUST be armed at all times! ALL TIMES! We do not have the luxury of being able to choose the time when an attack will befall us or our loved ones. It is imperative that we not only train and carry a weapon with us every waking moment of our adult lives, we must also work on developing the mindset that will allow us to perform an act that goes against everything that good and decent people have been taught from childhood -- we must face the reality of being forced to injure or kill another human being. We need to understand that it is justifiable, both by man's law and by God's law, to perform this act in defense of ourselves or others. We absolutely must, MUST be prepared to meet the Beast while we are eating dinner, watching a movie, at work, even while we sleep! The Beast will not rest and so must we not rest in our vigilance against it!

When we accept these principles of survival, we can more comfortably and confidently go about our daily lives. It is the world that we live in, like it or not. Making the sheep understand this ancient and everlasting principle of survival is another issue.

This principle became carved in stone the day that Cain murdered Abel and it holds true today.

Lastly, the bleeding heart liberals are already using this tragedy, as they have before, to push a ton of hell down on us in the form of the most draconian gun legislation this country has ever seen. This will be another battle, a battle for freedom and liberty, that we must be prepared to fight with every fiber of our moral being. Our rights WILL be taken away from us, or more correctly, we will give them away if we do not put everything we have into the upcoming battle for them! What about the rights of those killed by the evil guns you ask? Well, what about them? What if just one sheepdog could have been there to confront the wolf? What if "gun-free" zones didn't exist? What if, after the shooting started at the night club or the theater or the school; a single, trained, determined citizen stepped forward and shot the Beast in the face and prevented any further killing? Well, I'll tell you what if. It would still be the gun's fault for the injuries caused prior to the sheepdog killing the wolf. Sadly, that is just the society that we live in today.

BUT, just because what we do may be socially unacceptable, just because we may get in trouble for confronting the Beast doesn't mean that we should do anything differently. Not one thing. Our lives, our loved one's lives and even a complete stranger's life is still worth saving. It's still OK to shoot the bastard in the face to save a life; liability and other consequences be damned!

Now let's go just a little deeper...

I strongly suggested being armed and trained earlier. I don't mean armed with only a 5-shot revolver or a 6-shot, sub-compact, semi-auto mouse gun. I mean a fighting gun of a caliber that will increase your chances of stopping one or more attackers most rickey-tick. Nothing smaller than 9mm. In days gone by, most of us could feel fairly comfortable with those little guns. Those days are gone. We face a demonstrably different criminal element today. One that often travels in packs instead of singly. One that is often on drugs that may affect the effectiveness of our bullets. One that is wholly dedicated to their purpose and does not fear death. An adversary that has nothing to lose is possibly the most dangerous of all. 

If you are often out and about, maybe a distance from your home, consider carrying a carbine in your vehicle along with first aid supplies. Not just bandaids and Neoporin either. Have the supplies and the training to stop major bleeding. At a minimum, compressed gauze, an Israeli or "H" bandage, tourniquet and a hemostatic agent like QuikClot or WoundSeal. And of course, your ever-present "Get Home Bag"!

How many of you will heed this advice? Not many. But hopefully some of you will. As they say, the life you save may be your own.