01 August 2023

"Seek to Gain Knowledge"

I'm sure you've noticed that a lot of my posts are centered around self-preservation, to include1st aid information. I'm not a doctor and I'm not qualified to teach it but I know quite a bit about it because I have "seeked to gain knowledge" on the subject. I saved my baby girl's life once back in '99 or 2000. I've doctored up several family members and myself quite a number of times when most people would have gone to Urgent Care or the Emergency Room. 

I don't mind saying that the following story brought a tear to my eye. That fact that this little girl died was bad enough, but the real tragedies here were; number one, like many accidents, it was 100% avoidable! It was caused by carelessness and negligence. Number two, she died because there was no one there to provide IMMEDIATE medical care. However many minutes it took to get her to the marina was too long.

Now, just think for a minute. How would YOU feel, if your 6 yo daughter (or spouse or sibling or best friend) died in your arms because of something that was your fault to begin with, and you didn't have knowledge and equipment to prevent it...

If they had only had a tourniquet and the knowledge to properly apply it, I'm 99.7% sure that little girl would have survived. So sad...

Here's a clip from the story linked below.