28 June 2016

The Arrest of Bill Keebler


Concerning the arrest of and subsequent charges against Bill Keebler, it is the official position of Liberty for All, the White Mountain Militia and myself, that Bill Keebler has a constitutionally protected right to be assumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by a jury of his peers. Any and all of us should expect and receive the same.

I am sickened and deeply ashamed of these so-called "patriots" and wannabe militia members that have thrown this patriot under the bus on nothing more than the federal narrative. How dare you consider yourselves patriots! You are no better than the sheeple that you chastise and belittle every day.

I cannot, in good conscience, definitively say whether Bill did or did not do what he is accused of doing but I can tell you this; Bill Keebler has a deep and abiding love for this country. He would kill or be killed without hesitation to protect both the land and the Constitution just like many of the rest of us. Has he said some stupid things that he regrets in the presence of mental midgets that have misconstrued and twisted his words to further their own agenda? Probably so, just like many of the rest of us. Bill just happened to have gotten caught.

Did he push the button on the explosive device in question? Maybe, maybe not. But there were 2 or 3 federal employees that will testify that he did so it doesn't matter. I've known Bill for quite a while and I can assure you that he did not come up with this idea on his own. He was prodded and coerced by what he thought were trusted friends (Brad R. Miller, Jacob Davis and Leonard Bloom. At least that's the names they were using) who were well trained and skilled in the art of prodding and coercing. Does that make it OK? Of course not. Nor is it OK to cheat on your spouse because you've had too much to drink. If, IF the federal narrative is even remotely correct, this was entrapment at its finest.

  The feds strategically chose the location so that they could tie it in to LaVoy. They set the trap by pumping Bill up and stroking him and making him think he was really going to be a hero. They convinced him that they would be taking all the risks by acquiring all the materials and actually building the device and convincing Bill that he could take the credit and be the hero by simply pressing the button. Then they nailed him when he did. Bet your bottom dollar that it happened something like that.

Now, did LaVoy take them to the target area to scout  it out for the purpose of planning to destroy property  and risk hurting someone? ABSOLUTELY NOT! You would have to be a very special kind of stupid to think that. LaVoy would have escorted Bill or anyone else off of his property that might have even mentioned something like that. Pretty much everyone that works in their various capacities out in that remote area knows that the Ranger Station is the closest place to get aid, especially in the summer and during hunting season.

To summarize: Bill Keebler was set up. He was set up just like LaVoy Finicum. Whether or not he pushed the button is not relevant. He would have never in a million years planned and executed such a stupid and useless scheme. Just like it didn't matter whether or not LaVoy had a gun on him the day he was murdered in cold blood. By the time things had progressed to the point that he might have reached for a gun, he was totally justified in using one. But the jackals had already surrounded the lamb.

One of us will be next. Don't be so anxious to cast the first stone. If you are next, you may be treated just as you have treated others.

Cope Reynolds (Desertscout)

Southwest Shooting Authority

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