31 December 2010

Thank goodness it quit snowing...

well, maybe not so much. It started cooling of fast and its, it's..... 18 below zero right now and it's not even midnight yet!

30 December 2010

Diatomateous earth

Jeez! Stop with the snow already!

Tomorrow, I'm going to talk about diatomaceous earth and the benefits of it. Somde of you with joint and bone ailments will want to listen to this.
Some questions came up today about colloidal silver that will be addressed and I will talk at length about the .22-250 since it came up in discussion today.
Lasers are sometimes a hot topic and I'm going to give you my .02 worth about them also.

Ya'll chime in here!

29 December 2010

Anti-gun organizations!

Since I'm doing 2 shows so close together and I'll have a little bit of a different audience tomorrow, I think we'll spend some time together on anti-gun organizations again. Maybe a little more in-depth. 
Since I'm just learning about this blog stuff, I'm sure open to suggestions as to what I should do to make it more helpful for you.

Here's a little tid-bit to start with....

When discussing SKS's, the question frequently comes up concerning magazines. The stock 10 rounder that was issued with the gun, a non-detachable 20 rounder or an after-market detachable mag. What's best? Well, I can tell you that the stock 10-rounder is the most reliable. If you happen to find a good, Chinese 20 round non-detachable, they work just as well. Make sure your 20-rounder has the star embossed on it. They are the best and that's my favorite. Here's why...
I can get 20 rounds in it but it won't feed without a little manual help for the first round. If I just put 19 in it it works very well. I didn't buy the mag because it held 20 rounds, I bought it because it holds more than 10. That sounds stupid but let me explain. With the standard 10 rounder, if you fire any rounds at all, you have a partially full mag that cannot be refilled except manually meaning that you are are either going to have a partially loaded gun, some 1/2 full stripper clips rattling around losing shells or you have to have time to top off mag by hand.
With the 20 rounder, if I start out with 10-19 rounds, I can shoot anywhere from 2 to 11 rounds and still be able to put a full stripper clip in it. Hope this made a little sense, it works for me.

The very best detachable mag for the SKS is the Tapco mag. 100% reliable but still a little clumsy to carry and use. I still like the 20 round, non-detachable best!

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28 December 2010

New Blog from Desertscout!

Well, here we are in a world where one MUST learn to navigate through the plethora of electronic gadgets and gizmos in order to communicate with the modern world. For the technologically challenged, that is a mind numbing, intimidating prospect. So it is with Desertscout. I have broken down under the pressure of my peers and am embarking on yet another new adventure... blogging!

In this blog (as soon as I learn to use it), I will post occasional stories and articles about firearms related subjects, survival, disaster preparedness or worthy news items. I will also try to give you an idea of what I will be discussing on my show in advance. 

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