14 November 2016

Confronting the Beast

The tragic murder of a well-liked, no, beloved Show Low, AZ policeman on election day of this year brings up several issues.

The first, of course, is the loss of a fine man and model police officer. A grieving family just weeks away from the holidays. He was set to retire in just a few weeks as well.

Another issue to consider is emotion, anger and fear. While an event like this unfolds, many talk about how evil and dastardly the shooter is. When it’s over and the “bad guy” is dead, sometimes those involved engage in high-fives and fist bumps and other celebratory activities. Then starts the admonitions to pray for the officer and his family and rightfully so. But do you hear of any talk of prayer for “bad guy”? Sane, normal people do not shoot cops, or anyone else without a very good reason. This man obviously had something terribly wrong going on in his head to perpetrate such a terrible deed. None of us can possibly know what he must have been feeling to make him do the things that he did. He had his whole life ahead of him too. There will be those that will grieve for him and miss him this Christmas as well.

Would I have killed him had I been there? Absolutely. Without a moment's hesitation. That doesn't mean that I have to hate him to do it. It simply means that I cannot allow the killing of innocents. The moment that this man's mind snapped, the moment that Satan took control of his actions, he became the Beast. He became the evil that some pretend doesn't exist and should have been stopped by someone that knows that it does. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, Officer Reed was caught at a disadvantage and there was no one else present that had the willingness to confront the Beast and the Beast murdered, ran and holed up in a dark cave like any other hunted animal.

Which brings us to the third point....

People, you, the general population,  need to try to come to grips with the fact that we live in an increasingly violent world. Not by our choice but by God's. I believe that this is all simply a part of the Greater Plan.

Violence thrives on fear and weakness. Violence MUST be met with violence if we are to survive! As distasteful as this may seem to some, it is a cold, hard fact of the society that we live in today. Therefore, we MUST be armed, prepared and willing at all times to confront the Beast when he knocks on our door. By this, I mean that all good and decent people MUST be armed at all times! ALL TIMES! We do not have the luxury of being able to choose the time when an attack will befall us or our loved ones.  It is imperative that we not only train and carry a weapon with us every waking moment of our adult lives, we must also work on developing the mindset that will allow us to perform an act that goes against everything that good and decent people have been taught from childhood -- we must face the reality of being forced to injure or kill another human being. We need to understand that it is justifiable, both by man's law and by God's law, to perform this act in defense of ourselves or others.

Sadly, the Beast will not die when his vehicle expires. No, the Beast will find another carrier to continue his evil work. That is why we MUST be armed and prepared to meet the Beast at all times. The other choice is to submit to him. These are our 2 choices. We will consciously make one or unconsciously make the other. We absolutely must, MUST be prepared to meet the Beast while we are eating dinner, at the movies, at work, even while we sleep! The Beast will not rest and so must we not rest in our vigilance against it

When we accept these principles of survival, we can more comfortably and confidently go about our daily lives. It is the world that we live in, like it or not. Making the sheep understand this ancient and everlasting principle of life is another issue.

This principle became carved in stone the day that Cain murdered Abel and it holds true today.

Lastly, the bleeding heart libs will use these tragedies to push a ton of hell down on us in the form of the most draconian gun legislation this country has ever seen. This will be another battle, a battle for freedom, that we must be prepared to fight with every fiber of our moral being. Our rights WILL be taken away from us if we do not put everything we have into the upcoming battle! What about Officer Reed’s rights you ask? Yeah, what about them? What if just one sheepdog could have been there to confront the wolf when Officer Reed was distracted?

The cancer of violent crime is now firmly entrenched in Smalltown, USA and spreading. WE are the cure...

In Liberty,
Cope Reynolds (Desertscout)
Southwest Shooting Authority of Arizona

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