02 September 2014

SWSA Mobile Training Unit

Southwest Shooting Authority is going back on the road!

After about a 9 month hiatus working a number of logistical issues, we now feel that we can get back on the road from time to time and offer a limited number of classes "off-campus". That means that we can bring many of our classes to YOUR area!

The next confirmed classes will be held in Lincoln, CA on 18 & 19 October. Saturday the 18th will be a Glock Armorers class and the 19th will be an 8-hr Disaster Preparedness seminar. Because of the absolute awesomeness of our host, prices for both these classes have been absolutely slashed! Slots are filling and we expect these classes to go quickly so go to SWSA Mobile Training Unit and see what you need to do to get signed up!

Check out what you can do to get training in your area and receive FREE training!

In Liberty,
Cope Reynolds (Desertscout)
Southwest Shooting Authority of Arizona

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