25 October 2020

The Decline of Liberalism on the Navajo Nation

When I started this run for Apache County sheriff, I was given all manner of advice from lots of well-intentioned people. Some good, some not so good. I was told that I could not win running as a Republican, especially as a white Republican. I was told that I needed to register as a Democrat prior to filing my intention to run. As I have said previously, I could and would not do that. In my eyes, I would be lying to the people before I ever even got elected. Registering as a Democrat only makes me a Democrat on paper, it does not make my heart and mind a Democrat. 

With that being said, I will also say that if a sheriff is doing what he is paid to be doing, it shouldn't matter one bit what party he is or what party any of his constituents are. Protecting natural rights and enforcing the law fairly and equally MUST BE NON-PARTISAN! 

If a sheriff is doing what he is paid to be doing, he must be blind to race, creed, religion, sexual orientation, party affiliation or anything else that people use to divide us. Quite naturally, I have my own beliefs, as you have yours. Any of my beliefs that are not somehow directly related to my job performance need to stay at home.

Now then, taking into consideration all of the above, David Peelman and I have been greatly encouraged by things that we have encountered in our joint and individual trips to the Navajo Nation. 

For one thing, we have seen a plethora of Facebook pages pop up in support of conservatives. Navajos for Trump, Navajo Consevatives, Navajo Republicans, Native Americans for Trump and many others, none of which were here a few years ago. 

We have seen Biden and Kelly signs defaced or destroyed. That is still illegal and we absolutely do NOT condone it, but; right, wrong or indifferent, it is still an indicator of change. The same signs for the same people, had they been running in 2016 or 2012, would almost certainly have not been bothered.

We have talked to people on the Rez that already knew of us before we introduced ourselves and had already voted for us. We saw people that happily put our bumper stickers on their trucks. We were told by dozens of Navajos that it was time for a change, that their current sheriff and representatives have not been making any attempt to represent or preserve traditional Diné values nor are they trying improve their way of life. The people are tired and they're ready to open a new chapter in Diné history.

We were further encouraged in Round Rock yesterday when we were putting up signs across the street from a housing area. I already had my sign up and was waiting for the old man (🙃) to get finished hanging his when heard a faint, "thank you!". I turned around and looked briefly and didn't see anyone then heard, a little louder, "Thank You!". I looked again, didn't see anyone and figured someone was hollering at their neighbor or something. A third time I heard, "THANK YOU!!". I turned one more time and probably 100 yards away, across the street and several houses down, a Navajo lady was frantically waving to us and telling us thank you. She was not going to stop until we acknowledged her. We both turned and waved and held up signs. Happy that we finally responded, she eventually turned and left. Those kinds of things have not only provided encouragement but strengthened our resolve to give the final heat in this race everything we can possibly muster up to win our respective races. We are encouraged but we MUST KEEP FIGHTING!

If either or both of us lose, it sure as hell won't be for lack of trying!