18 January 2011

The 3-Day Personal Defense Handgun class this last weekend was a BIG success thanks to Howley Hawk and Eric! They made sure that we had a good, clear range (as clear as possible considering the snow and mud!)to shoot on. The weather was great for this time of year, everyone had a great time and all committed to more training soon.

We may be conducting another 3-day PDH class in May at the same location and another one in the Farmington, NM area in early spring but we don't have a concrete date yet.

It appears that AB962 may have been nipped in the bud. This doesn't mean too much to anyone but Californians... right now. This bill will almost certainly spawn others just like it in other states. We don't have definite info yet but will let everyone know ASAP when we find out.

SWSA will be closed on 5-6 February for a gun show in Reserve, NM and possibly again over Memorial Day weekend for a class.

Cope Reynolds (Desertscout)
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