17 January 2024

You Are Witness to History in the Making!

I was initially reluctant to make this article public. I did put it on one of my Facebook groups that is preparedness related and I sent it to many of my closest friends and family members but that is all. I figured some of them that are like-minded and already on-board, could still use a reminder and to a few others that I thought might need a little prodding. 
Today, I decided to go out on a limb and make it public.

I think it's interesting (and kind of sad) now that it's almost too late for a lot of people; that talk show hosts, celebrities, military strategists and other experts are warning about the exact things that some of us have been preaching about since the 90's. It's going to be awfully difficult (and expensive) to do everything that needs to be done at this late date.

I heard about the Yemeni attack on an American cargo ship on the news yesterday morning. Yesterday, literally as I was writing this, Iran attacked 2 American interests and one Israeli. Also, it was anoounced that Poland has revised their call to active duty procedures. And the list goes on...
It won't take many events like these to launch WW III.

Why did I name this article what I did? Well, the fact is, history is made every single day, but you are very likely going to be witness to a most significant historical event. What will almost certainly happen in the very, very near future has never happened before, in the history of mankind. I feel that the possibility is quite a bit better than 50/50.

We are likely to see both American Revolution 2.0 and Civil War 2.0 happen nearly simultaneously, right here in our country. What's the difference, some may ask?

A revolution is when a group of people (the governed) attempt to overthrow or fundamentally change the governing body that governs them. Revolutions are typically violent but they don't necessarily have to be.

A civil war is when 2 or more groups of people within one political subdivision (city, county, state, country) attempt to achieve control over the other group(s) or independence from another group. Civil wars, by their very nature, are always violent.

These two things happening together is quite significant, in and of itself, but the big kicker here is that we could also be participating in a world war at the same time and it could conceivably come to our shores. 

In the first two instances; normal, conservative Americans will be right in the middle of both. On the one hand, conservatives may be going head-to-head with progressives/liberals/communists. On the other, normal Americans may be forced to go head-to-head with the government, which would be particularly bad for everyone concerned. It is yet to be seen which side any or all of the left will choose in that one.
The greatest concern, is the likelihood of normal Americans having to fight a two or 3-front war on their own turf.

So, with all this being said, I'm going to say something that you have all heard me say before and will hear again. Check and double check ALL your preparations. Don't waste money on stupid crap that you don't need right now, at least not until you're comfortable that you have everything else in order. Make absolutely certain that you have the five, most important things addressed. Those are; food, water, defense, medical and communications.

Please don't take this lightly. There is a strong possibility that one or more of these events will happen this year, in addition to the serious concern of massive,  civil unrest as a result of the presidential election this fall. 

Crying and worrying about it won't prevent "it" from happening.