22 May 2020

He Said, She Said...

"Some people just need to be shot!" Have you ever said that when you were aggravated due to the actions of others? Have you ever heard anyone say it? Of course you have. Or how about, "That guy made me so mad I could have killed him!"? It may not be very appetizing to some of the kinder, gentler amongst us but it is, nevertheless, a pretty common phrase. Does anyone that says it really mean it? Although I'm sure there are exceptions, probably not.  Do you figure anyone that says that during a moment of frustration actually plans on carrying it out? Probably not. 

A very good friend of mine was making a delivery in a company vehicle for the company that he worked for a few days ago when a woman pulled out in front of him and almost ran him into wall.  Of course, the oblivious lady continued on her way.

A short time later while in the back of the store and out of earshot of customers, our pet phrase of the day popped out of my understandably still frustrated friend's mouth. Of the only two colleagues that heard him, one thought nothing of it, agreed and went on about his business. The other, a whiny-assed, snot-nosed, lilly-livered, pantywaist  punk, swallowed hard, dribbled a little pee down one leg, tucked his tail between his legs and crawled off to a dark corner to make a phone call. He bypassed the store manager (who is also a friend of mine and would have nipped it in the bud), the district manager and called HR directly. What happened after that is as astonishing as all the toilet paper in America evaporating. 

Instead of asking my friend what the circumstances were and getting his side of the story, they IMMEDIATELY suspended him, evacuated the store and locked it up. The next day, two policemen showed up at his house to serve trespass papers. The cops were told by the company that my friend was armed and dangerous and to approach him with caution. Of course, when the cops figured out who it was, they shook their heads, delivered the papers, conducted the customary BS session and went on their way. My friend ultimately quit his job in an effort to head off any further persecution by the company. 

The company? O'Reilly Auto Parts, Store # 3563 right here in Show Low, AZ whom I will never spend another penny with. Nor will I ever do business with any O'Reilly since this was ultimately a corporate decision. (Please consider this story before making your next auto parts purchase). I am completely dumbstruck by this turn of events. This is the world we live in. A world where a person can be accused, convicted and punished simply on the word of another without even being able to offer their side of the story.

This brings us to a closely related point and that point is; always, always be careful what you say, who you say it to, who else may be listening and might be the repercussions if the wrong person hears it?

Some of the foolishness that I'm seeing on Facebook is going to get good people taken out of the struggle prematurely, one way or another. This is not a 1st amendment issue. This is an ego issue. Most of posts calling for organization and revolution are either from scatterbrained, know-nothing, wannabe patriots that get on FB and stroke each into a feeding frenzy or from provocateurs trying to stir things up. The smarter patriots are discussing the state of the Nation more discreetly.

 A few years ago it was a little different. If you think the powers that be are not watching and taking notes, you're crazy as hell. Folks, as the saying goes, the genie is out of the bottle. He will not go back in of his own accord, not without a substantial amount of persuasion. If you want to be part of the solution and not have to watch what happens to America on the news from a jail cell, please put some thought into what you say and do and who you say it to. I promise you that if America winds up in an internal conflict, it will NOT be won on Facebook!