13 August 2011

Special Sunday Edition of TSB and SWSA out of business!

 Important information to share tomorrow, Sunday, 14 August 2011! Come sit with me for an hour at 7pm CT!
Stay tuned to TSB over the next 3 days for important info about the jack-booted thug take-over of Quartzsite, AZ. Monday on TSB will be an in-depth discussion of the popular "militia" calibers and Tuesday we will talk about the most inspirational rebellion training video ever!

And now, the really important news.
Southwest Shooting Authority is no more, kaput, gone the way of the do-do. Out of business.
However! A new company has emerged from the ashes of SWSA! Southwest Weapons and Security Associates (SWSA). The main things will remain the same but there will be a few changes that will become apparent over the next few weeks. Our online store is going to be bigger and better, more on-the-road training and we are going to take on a little bit of fishing, black powder and archery accessories.
The new website is www.topglocksmith.com  The old address will work for about a year but it will eventually die.

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Facebook is under my name right now but a new SWSA page will be up soon!

Cope Reynolds (Desertscout)
Southwest Weapons and Security Associates

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11 August 2011

Archive for 11 August 2011

The archive from today's show is up! 

Got some news about SWSA that will be of interest to all of you but I will put it in a different post tonight or tomorrow

Cope Reynolds (Desertscout)