29 October 2023

November CCW class!

The things that you learn in any CCW class does not make you a gunfighter, but it's a GREAT place to begin your training!

The Multi-State CCW class from Southwest Shooting Authority is a non-shooting class that provides everything you need to satisfy the State of Arizona's requirements to obtain a concealed weapon permit. Arizona's permit is also recognized in about 35 other states, giving you the ability to legally carry a concealed weapon almost from coast to coast and border to border.
Topics covered in this class include:
* Safety 
* Laws
* Justification of the use of lethal force.
* Civil and criminal consequences of a shooting.
* Weapon and ammunition selection.
* Methods and means of concealment. 
* Situational awareness and much, much more!
Tuition is $75 at the door, cash only or Venmo, username @Desertscout1.
Since seating is limited, please call or text 928-693-7482 to reserve your seat or email: Training@SouthwestShootingAuthority.net. 

We will be there from 9am sharp until about 2pm. 

Class will be held at:
8 County Road 3398, near Vernon, AZ.

Water and snacks will be provided.