11 November 2020

Social Media Wars

OK, here's the deal...

The overwhelming majority of my friends, both here and in real life, consider themselves to be patriots to some degree or another. Sometimes patriots have varying ideas about what constitutes "patriotic duty", and that's OK. Sadly, some people that claim to be patriots are nowhere to be found when it's time to do patriot stuff. 

My fervent quest to get people to leave Facebook and join Gab.com instead of Parler or MeWe or a few others is not about which one is my favorite or because I'm trying to be a bully, as one little, snot-nosed punk said. It's about supporting patriots. Please read the rest of this...

Staunch conservative patriot, Andrew Torba, started Gab in Aug of 2016 as a total free speech alternative to Twitter and Facebook. Shortly after that, Twitter refused content from Gab  and Apple refused to host their app due to what they called "pornographic content". (Understand Gab is NOT a porn site by any remote stretch of the imagination).

A short time after that, Goggle pulled Gab's Android app because Gab would not let Google dictate to them what is or is not free speech like Parler  and MeWe and the other ones. Gab's rules are simple. If it's not illegal, you can post it. If it offends you, don't look at it. If it offends you a lot, mute or block the person that posted it. Imagine that! Gab let's you decide for yourself. 

So, Gab stood alone, sued Google for removing their app under the provisions of the Sherman and Clayton Acts and won! Google said OK, we'll restore your app if you just abide by our rules. Umm, no! Stupid is as stupid does.

Then Go Daddy and PayPal dropped them for the same reasons. Now they had no place that would host their website and no way to accept payments online. Did he quit? No! Again, he stood alone and used alternate methods and got everything going again. 

So you see, Andrew Torba is kinda like the LaVoy Finicum of the social media world... except he's not getting the support from patriots that he deserves. Everyone ran off and tried every new, little Dairy Queen treat they could find instead standing hard for the one that stood up for us. This isn't about which outlet is best, it's about loyalty. Every single one of the rest of them bent under Google's iron fist so they could have an app on the Playstore. All but one.

Gab has encrypted chatrooms, groups and operates very much like Facebook and it's as easy as any of them to use. There are NO ads so they have no income other than donations and/or paid memberships which, for a measly $5 a month, you get additional privileges. WELL worth it to get rid of all those stupid ads.

So I hope at least some of you will reconsider your choices and stand against the giant with me and Andrew Torba and join Gab!