16 March 2011

Nuclear nightmare or unwarranted panic?

Maybe a little of both...

The single-most devastating natural event in the history of mankind was recently unfolded before our eyes and is ongoing and escalating as I write this. The largest loss of human life and the most destruction of property in the shortest period of time EVER! The impact of this even will be evident til the end of time. It will be generations before the people completely recover from this...if they ever do.

The earthquake in Japan and the resulting tsunami, as if not bad enough already, triggered another devastating event which is the fault of man. Our insatiable need for convenient electrical devices; some necessary, some maybe not so much; has driven us to construct facilities that have the potential to alter, if not destroy life over a large region. Am I against them? No, not really. They are a necessary evil in the world we live in today.

The nuclear event in Japan has the potential to affect human life thousands of miles from the source. However, even in a worst-case scenario, this event will be survivable even for the overwhelming majority of the people of Japan. Here in America, we have little to fear. The west coast may have cause for a little concern but the sky is not falling! The world is not coming to an end this week. The worst that's going to happen to most of the people on the left coast is that this may cause their babies to be born naked. Worse things have happened.

Does this mean that we should worry? Should we not prepare? Should we go about our lives as if nothing happened? HELL NO! The possibility still exists for things to deteriorate or for another event to succeed this one. Waiting until the cows get is NOT the time to close the gate. Why do some folks have such a difficult time making the commitment to prepare for an emergency? Why is that so much different than obtaining any other type of insurance policy? If you don't need, you still haven't wasted your money because you can still use the things that you get. If you do need, you will need it very badly and you cannot buy a policy for this pre-existing condition.

Case in point... radiation sickness. For us over here, the biggest concern that we have for the time being is the possibility, however slim, of radiation poisoning. That is, in this case, radioactive iodine migrating into your thyroid gland. This is common and is almost certain to cause thyroid cancer later on. It has happened to thousands, probably hundreds of thousands, of people through the years. It is NOT speculation! But the good news is, it is quite preventable. Simply make sure that you do not have an iodine deficiency by adding a little iodine at the appropriate time. It's not too hard, painless, inexpensive and perfectly safe if directions are followed.

Organic, non-radioactive iodine must occupy the thyroid so that radioactive iodine cannot get in there. If your thyroid is full to capacity with good iodine, the radioactive iodine will pass harmlessly through the body. You can get iodine in your system orally or by absorption. Orally is faster, absorption is safer.

There has been a predictable and dramatic run on all iodine products, most notably potassium iodide and potassium iodate. These are products to be taken orally along with Nascent iodine. Directions are on the containers for these but it is critical that you DO NOT use these products until they are needed! You CAN overdose on it and too much can kill you.

The absorption method of taking on iodine is much safer. Tincture of iodine, betadine and a few other products that contain iodine will work and the higher the percentage of iodine content the better. Ideally, just ask for Povidone (sp) Iodine. All of these products are absorbed through the skin. DO NOT TAKE THESE ORALLY!

This will all be totally survivable even if we do get a good bit of radiation over here. Just follow a few common-sense precautions and we'll all be just fine

Please listen to my show from today, 16 March 2011 and get more info on how to use these products! Yesterday's show had some additional information that will be useful to you as well. Both shows are available at tsb.podcast.com 

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