23 July 2011

Joint effort on The Shooting Bench!

DON'T MISS "THE SHOOTING BENCH" on 1 August 2011!!

One the most interesting guests ever to appear on JMR will be on TSB, 1 August 2011. This will be a joint show with Amy and I and we will interview Sam Luce, an oldtime wilderness doctor. This man will keep listeners glued to the show for the full 2 hours. The stories he has about the things he has done are nothing short of astounding! We were going to put him on Amy's show but decided to do mine because we felt we needed longer than 1 hour...MUCH longer!
This man has actually performed minor brain surgery in the woods! The patient not only lived to verify the story but is still alive today!
He scaled a cliff with a 1200' vertical face near-by multiple times to treat and rescue climbers that attempted the climb and were injured in the process.
The truths and tragedies that Mr. Luce will share about modern medicine will amaze you as well!

There was a book written about him called Maverick Doc. It sold about 2500 copies and is now out of print. I secured one recently and will review it as well.

DON'T MISS IT! Go to http://www.justmeasuresradio.com/  at 5pm Eastern/2pm Pacific on 1 August for this incredible interview!

Cope Reynolds (Desertscout)
Southwest Shooting Authority
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