26 June 2022

Can't We All Just Get Along?

A question was posted today concerning the division and hatefulness that is so prevalent in America right now. I hear it in face to face conversations, radio, television and social media. People are asking, why we can't just agree to disagree anymore? Why can't we shake hands, put our differences aside and still be friends? Why do our differences in opinions or political ideologies result in unfriending and the dissolution of relationships? A lot of the people that I have seen asking these questions and trying to play peacekeeper are conservatives that still believe that our current dilemma is fixable if both sides could just find some middle ground make some attempt to compromise a little. It's always our side that tries to use reason, logic and common sense to fix things.
They are asking, "Can't we all just get along?"

Long story short, no, we cannot. Not anymore. Too much damage has been and continues to be done. Those that still believe in the traditional values that America was founded on are not willing to simply let them go. Too many good men and women died to create a Republic like no other in history. To create a free country that is the dream of practically every human being on the planet to at least visit, if not move to. Even more have died trying to preserve it. 

Officially, the 152nd celebration of Independence Day is approaching and I am reminded of a time nearly 100 years earlier when many "pre-Americans" came together to defeat the largest, most organized and well trained military in existence. The ones that didn't lend these early patriots a hand or the traitors that may have helped the King in some way, are equivalent of the progressives and liberals of today. 

America is also the envy of every evil, corrupt, despotic, tyrannical, two-bit wannabe ruler in existence. What tyrant wouldn't want to be in control of a country with the natural resources and vast amounts of untouched real estate that are available here? And many of them hate us simply because of the freedom that we enjoy (or did anyway).

America is being divided and destroyed by the Left and those that are sympathetic to their side. Virtually every civil, moral, social and patriotic value and tradition that ever existed in this country has been violated or erased by people that have every intention of destroying the Land of the Free. Abortion, gun control, normalizing pedophilia, permits, licenses, unreasonable taxes, CRT, racism, corruption, censorship, the economy and the environment. Boys and men are destroying the hopes and dreams of girls by competing in events that they have NO business competing in. Every level of government has offices that are being filled by people that don't know if they are male or female and their civilian counterparts that don't know which bathroom to use and the list goes on. The Founding Fathers would be sickened by what we have allowed to happen to their precious gem.

So, no, we can't just get along. Lines are being drawn between real Americans that cherish what the Founders gave us and those that would run her into the ground. Families are being divided. Life-long friends are parting ways. People are choosing sides. This happened one other time in America's history. 
It wasn't pretty...