29 December 2010

Anti-gun organizations!

Since I'm doing 2 shows so close together and I'll have a little bit of a different audience tomorrow, I think we'll spend some time together on anti-gun organizations again. Maybe a little more in-depth. 
Since I'm just learning about this blog stuff, I'm sure open to suggestions as to what I should do to make it more helpful for you.

Here's a little tid-bit to start with....

When discussing SKS's, the question frequently comes up concerning magazines. The stock 10 rounder that was issued with the gun, a non-detachable 20 rounder or an after-market detachable mag. What's best? Well, I can tell you that the stock 10-rounder is the most reliable. If you happen to find a good, Chinese 20 round non-detachable, they work just as well. Make sure your 20-rounder has the star embossed on it. They are the best and that's my favorite. Here's why...
I can get 20 rounds in it but it won't feed without a little manual help for the first round. If I just put 19 in it it works very well. I didn't buy the mag because it held 20 rounds, I bought it because it holds more than 10. That sounds stupid but let me explain. With the standard 10 rounder, if you fire any rounds at all, you have a partially full mag that cannot be refilled except manually meaning that you are are either going to have a partially loaded gun, some 1/2 full stripper clips rattling around losing shells or you have to have time to top off mag by hand.
With the 20 rounder, if I start out with 10-19 rounds, I can shoot anywhere from 2 to 11 rounds and still be able to put a full stripper clip in it. Hope this made a little sense, it works for me.

The very best detachable mag for the SKS is the Tapco mag. 100% reliable but still a little clumsy to carry and use. I still like the 20 round, non-detachable best!

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  1. Brother your doing great. Speak your mind and speak the truth. And let the chips fall where they may.



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