31 July 2022

8-hr Disaster Preparedness Seminar in Alpine, Arizona

Our seminar in Tucson has been delayed until October but we have now scheduled one in Alpine, AZ for 27 August. 

Virtually every conceivable topic related to emergency preparedness will be discussed. Please bring note-taking materials!

This seminar will provide valuable and detailed information on the following topics:

* Food storage

* Communication

* Storing fuel

* Stress management

* Medical concerns and solutions

* Defensive weapons

* Finding, storing and purifying water

* Chemical, biological and nuclear information

* Survival Communications

* Bartering and MUCH, MUCH MORE!!

This class will be just a little different than previous classes. It is still an all-day event but the times will be slightly different and lunch will be available! Rather than breaking for lunch, we will take a very short break to order and the class will continue while you eat. We're doing it this way because of the venue and the distance that some people will be driving. You may still bring your lunch if you'd like but I encourage you to support our host and try a fresh burger or brat (or both!). We will also do a Q&A session during lunch.

You can Venmo to: Desertscout1
Or Zelle to 76paragon@gmail.com 

The cost is $49 per person for the whole day! We did this class for $125 for over 12 years but because of the urgency that we feel at this time, we are dramatically dropping the price! (Our host is feeling the same sense of urgency that we are and is closing his business for the day to provide this venue, so again, please support him!)

The seminar will be held at Ye Olde Tavern in beautiful Alpine, Arizona.
The address is:
42640 Us-180,
Alpine, AZ 
Call 928-693-7482 if you have trouble finding it. 
(Sorry, but no alcoholic beverages until the end of the class)

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