17 August 2018

Calling All Patriots!

I hear a lot of talk about abandoning the name Patriot because of all the division and backbiting going on in the patriot community.

Let me make this crystal clear... NO! Not just NO but HELL NO! You're telling me that we're going to give up a term that has described us since before the first Revolution?  We're going give up a title; a respected, well-earned title, bought and paid for with the blood of good Patriots over the last 250 years because some snot nosed, delusional, self-centered punk like Gavin Seim? So he wins just like that, huh? That yellow-bellied coward tucks his tail between his legs and runs off to Mexico and sits in relative safety and destroys the patriot movement just like that? Oh, we should be so proud! We let a curr dog and all of his scroungy pack mates and supporters lead us around by the nose and convince us that we shouldn't be called Patriots anymore? LMAO! I'll bet the feds are having a big laugh about this!

You're telling me that you could stand before George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and the rest of the founders that sacrificed so much to give us this Republic and tell them that you are abandoning the moniker of Patriot?

There are good, better and best Patriots. Anyone that doesn't fit in one of those categories is a traitor or a tyrant or both. ANYONE!

Well, understand this... I am a Patriot. I will always be a Patriot. I come from a long line of devout Patriots and pioneers. I absolutely will NOT dishonor my family, friends and the long and distinguished line of Patriots before me by shelving the term Patriot and letting it be soiled and dishonored by the likes Gavin Seim and his ass-kissing compadres!

So there's division and backbiting. Unfortunate, but so what? We have to pay closer attention to who we accept within our close circles and research our intel more thoroughly but other than that that, we have bigger fish to fry right now than worrying about what we call ourselves. Not really so much different than Revolution 1.0 is it?

Believe me, this dilemma will work itself out. Don't be part of the arguing. Don't contribute to the division. Stay focused and be part of the solution.

Be proud to call yourself a Patriot!

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