06 March 2012

Following the Freedom!

 OK, we are all moved in and trying to get settled into the new digs and we're lovin' it so far!
It's been a month or so since I've posted but if you saw last month's post, you know that we have moved, lock-stock-and-barrel, to Pinetop, AZ. We have a good-sized facility and have been accepted into the shooting community very well.
We should be able to start conducting classes locally in the next 3-4 weeks. LOTS of folks looking forward to that.
The Shooting Bench has recently moved to a new time slot. I am now on from 4 to 6pm Mountain time. The all firearms-related, PM Edition of the show will remain the same from 9 to 11pm Mountain on Thursday nights.

Cope Reynolds (Desertscout)
Southwest Shooting Authority

Listen to Cope live on The Shooting Bench Mon thru Fri, 4 to 6pm MST! (6 to 8pm ET)
On Thursday nights, listen to The Shooting Bench PM Edition from 9 to 11pm MST for 100% gun talk!
"The Shooting Bench" Podcast: The Shooting Bench

Colts and Kimbers are what you show your friends.
GLOCKS are what you show your enemies!

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