01 February 2012

Closing business and moving to AZ!

Yes, we closed it up...
But we have moved to Pinetop, AZ and are in the process of trying get opened back up as an Arizona company under an old name, Southwest Shooting Authority. It will take time to get back on our feet after the move but we're hoping to come out of it soon!
Why did we come here to AZ? Well, wanting to stay close to Luna but needing a larger population to cater to, we quite simply decided to follow the freedom and take advantage of a few benefits of this state. Good CCW laws and a strong militia.

Now then, we are having the sale of all sales on Survival Tabs until the 4th of Feb. You don't have much time but if you hurry, you can get in the cheapest Survival Tabs anywhere! This will be the only time that we will ever offer this so don't wait. $20 a bottle plus shipping!! Normally $32.50, this is one hell of a deal. Survival Tabs have a 10 year shelf life and the average person only needs 12 tablets a day to provide all the nutrition necessary to get by. 180 tablets in a bottle provides the average person with 15 days worth of food for only 20 bucks!! Call before Saturday, 4 January! The new number is 928-367-2547. Th toll-free number will be back up in a couple days

Cope Reynolds (Desertscout)
Southwest Shooting Authority

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  1. Hey Cope,

    I ordered a few of these the other day and would like to order a few more. If you havent shipped the previous order yet then maybe you could combine them. If you have, no sweat. I will try to give a call today and set it up.


  2. Hey Cope,

    Sorry to be so rushed on the phone. Looking forward to meeting you in April.


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