02 January 2012

Lots of new stuff this year!

 There's going to be a few changes at SWSA and The Shooting Bench, beginning this month!

  • We are going to be putting more guns online AND lowering prices!
  • We're going to spend more time on the road with classes. If you would like to set something up in your area, give us a call and we'll see what we can do. Classes will include handgun, rifle, shotgun and Disaster Preparedness classes!
  • We are now dealers for Sun Oven, Survival Tabs, Thrive freeze-dried foods and a number of other preparedness/survival-related items. Much more of that stuff will be appearing on our online store very soon!

Now then, some news for "The Shooting Bench" as well!
  • GREAT NEWS! We seem to have resolved our sound issues on The Shooting Bench and will have more guests on live with us starting TODAY!
  • Mike Vanderboegh will be on with me LIVE today! Mike and David Codrea were the ones to first break the story of Fast and Furious, the failed DOJ program that quickly became the biggest scandal in ATF history!
  • My wife Amy (from Living Way Out Here) and I will combine our shows on Monday, 9 January to talk about disaster prep skills and products.
  • THE PODCAST WILL BE DROPPED BEFORE THE END OF JANUARY! We get lots of requests to update the podcast and keep it available but no one seems to want to help support it. There are donation buttons on the our main website but donations are almost non-existent. I don't plan to carry this by my self anymore. If that changes by the 3rd week in January, fine but I can't do it alone anymore. There are archives available of all shows since JMR started.
Please join us for lots of other changes and news throughout the coming year.
I hope all of you had a great Christmas and have a happy, productive and prosperous New Year!!

Cope Reynolds (Desertscout)
Southwest Weapons and Security Associates

Listen to Cope live on The Shooting Bench Mon thru Fri, 3 to 5pm MST! (5 to 7pm ET)
On Thursday nights, listen to The Shooting Bench PM Edition from 9 to 11pm MST for 100% gun talk!
"The Shooting Bench" Podcast: The Shooting Bench

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GLOCKS are what you show your enemies!

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