06 March 2012

Jennifer Jones from Quartzsite, AZ ....

 ...will be my guest on The Shooting Bench on Wednesday, 14 March. If you haven't been keeping up the Quartzsite saga, you will find this interview to be of tremendous interest.
Quartzsite, AZ is one of the most, if not THE most corrupt town in the country and Jennifer has been right in the middle of it from the beginning! From the Chief of Police down, Quartzsite is run (over-run?) by jack-booted thugs. You will NOT want to miss this show!
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Cope Reynolds (Desertscout)
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  1. The Townspeople there should all hang their rifles on their backs and go to their Town Hall meetings with a show of EQUAL OR SUPERIOR FORCE. A PEOPLE THAT FEARS ITS GOVERNMENT HAS TYRANNY...A GOVERNMENT THAT FEARS IT'S PEOPLE, HAS FREEDOM.


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