11 October 2023

Our World Today


I got this directly from two different "X" posts...

It is my understanding that the leader of Hamas has just called Muslims around the world to embrace a day of global jihad this Friday the 13th.

That’s 3 days from now.

If you live in a major city in America or Europe, I’d recommend avoiding crowded/highly public places on Friday!

Khalid Mashal the leader and founding member of Hamas gave a speech today asking Muslims all around the world to do the following:

1. To show anger, especially next Friday, in Muslim countries and also among Muslim supporters around the world; he called it “the Friday of Al-Aqsa flood”, he said this will send a message of rage to Zionists and to America.

2. He asked for financial help from all Muslims around the world; to help with their money, he called it “Financial Jihad”. He asked Muslims to give to the fighters of Gaza in order to compensate them for the destruction.

3.He asked political pressure, from Muslim leaders and Muslim nations, to stop Israel’s military invasion of Gaza.

4.The most important thing: He asked all Muslims around the world to carry out Jihad by their souls; to fight and be martyrs for Al-Aqsa. 
He wants Muslims to fight against the Jews, starting with Muslims who live in the countries surrounding Israel: Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt (but also other countries), to go to the borders and try to enter, each by his own means. He said: This is the time for Jihad to be applied on the ground rather than just in theory. He asked the Mujahedeen to go in long caravans to spill their blood on the land of Palestine.
These are his final words: 

Funds are important but today we are asking for your blood and souls [to be sacrificed for Palestine]

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