27 May 2022

Happy Memorial Day?

Just thought I'd throw this out there before it starts...

Happy Memorial Day?
There's nothing happy about Memorial Day, unless you're happy about the well over 1,000,000 American men and women that lost their lives or are MIA for something that they believed in, which in most cases was your freedom. 

To many, it's nothing more than the first holiday after warm weather sets in and it becomes all about fishing, camping and BBQing. Understand that there is nothing wrong with those activities and it's wonderful to spend time with family and friends but the sentiment and respect for the lost service members and the purpose of the day must not be lost in the recreational fervor of Memorial Day. To enjoy the day off, with pay for some, and ignore the reason you have it, is not unlike Atheists doing the same for Christmas. Why do they bother?

So, please enjoy your fishing trip and your BBQ and your family time but don't forget my brothers and sisters that signed that blank check for your freedom to do so and say a prayer for their families that are not able to do the same.

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