30 March 2022

Political Tribalism


I have a couple of preparedness groups on social media, one on FB and one on Gab. Someone posted this video (link above) on the FB group. I almost deleted it because that group is 100% dedicated to preparedness. Period. I don't want any political discussion to take away from the spirit of why most of the members joined the group.

However, after listening to the talk, I felt that it may have some merit above and beyond the typical political discussions that we see all over FB. When the wheels fall off and this country is plunged into survival mode, we will absolutely NOT form one large, amicable group that will strive to all get along for the greater good. Make no mistake, "tribes" will be formed and wars will be fought. That is an undeniable truth. It will not be avoided.
The talk in this video may help those that were fortunate enough to hear it to at least be able to form larger, protective "tribes" if they understand and strive to practice the principles mentioned in this talk.
Final analysis? This video IS preparedness related.

I have my own thoughts about this subject which, on one hand, totally agrees with much of what she says but on the other I have an opinion that is diametrically opposed. 

I fully agree with her as to why this has happened. I have told many, many people over the last few years the following:  

"When I was growing up, we had friends that were Democrats. We barely knew that they were and didn't care. We could agree to disagree and go on about our business. No harm, no foul, but this is no longer the case.  The Left has changed. There are no more JFK's in Democratic leadership. The Left is now hell-bent on destroying America. They have become enemies of "we the people". Enemies of the constitution that most of us hold so dear. We can no longer just go along to get along."

It was a very nice talk and I encourage you to listen to it. It explains a lot but it's too little, too late. It cannot be reversed now. The genie is out of the bottle. 

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