21 September 2017

Attention Antifa!

ANTIFA, you are about to let your alligator mouth overrun your hummingbird ass!

In response to recent events, threats and mindless, babbling rhetoric including a threatening letter from you claiming that you will start a civil war if Trump and Pence are not removed from office, let me attempt to save you some time and maybe a few of your miserable lives. You children are about to get in WAY over your head!

Let me make this crystal clear and stunningly simple...

The real patriots of this country will NOT let anything happen to our President or his family without a swift and sure response. While we may not agree with everything he says and does, he IS our President! If anything happens to him, the vice-president or their families or any other liberty-minded elected official, retaliation will be swift and sure. You are out-gunned and out-trained and out-smarted. Our response will be relentless and merciless. There will be no place on this planet where you will be safe. Put simply, you will be hunted down and dealt with like the rabid mongrels that you are.

Signed ever so sincerely,
LFA III%, WMM and every other real patriot in his country.

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