24 February 2017

Online Training Scam

Let me share, once again, a warning about the biggest online scam in the concealed carry industry. It's called Concealed Carry Online and they have banned me from their page for telling the truth. I noticed some of my friends have "Liked" this page. I assume that's because you either didn't read the information on the page or you don't fully understand it.

This is a long post but please read it and let me explain it to you.
Please read this if you are considering Concealed Online and share this with everyone that may be thinking about using it... PLEASE!

Training scam

A word of warning about what I consider to be nothing but a scam. There is a company that runs an ad on FB that is full of fear mongering, misinformation and downright lies. It is misleading and as far as I'm concerned, dishonest.
They start out with this stark warning!

"[WARNING: The government might take this right away from you at any moment!]"

Right. Ok, they've shown us right off the bat that they have no knowledge of the origin or security of our rights. Be that as it may, let's move on...

Then, in the second sentence, "The government is making it harder for you to enjoy your Second Amendment rights.", which is simply not true. In fact, its just the opposite. For the first time in history, concealed carry is available and legal in some form in all fifty states. Some better than others but every state has provisions for a concealed carry permit. About 15 states also now have permitless or "constitutional" carry with legislation moving forward in more.

Third sentence:

"Law-abiding American citizens like you and me are being put in danger because we don't have access to the life-saving firearms we need"

Really? See my statement above plus consider that firearms are available in all 50 states although they are quite restricted in a couple of them. Also, how does this permit give any more access to firearms than you already had?

Then they make this claim:

"There were 372 mass shootings in our country in 2015--shootings that could have taken your life or the life of a family member"
While this is probably true, they fail to mention that most or all of these shootings occurred in gun-free zones where your CCW would have likely been illegal anyway.

Their next ridiculous claim is this:

"Qualify for the Concealed Carry Permit that's Valid in Over Half the Country: Take the Test for Free!"

I have a newsflash here for everyone. There are many CCW permits that are recognized in over half the country. This is absolutely nothing new or earth-shattering. Arizona, Virginia, New Mexico, Utah, Florida just to name a few.
Way down towards the bottom, they make this utterly ridiculous claim:
"Smart Americans can still take advantage of this "legal loophole"... but you have to act before the government tries to stop you!"

As I said, THERE IS NO LEGAL LOOPHOLE! Jeez Louise! Lots of states have this similar program and the gov't isn't trying to anything about it!

Now that they have you convinced that this is THE permit that will allow you to carry in over half the country and have you sufficiently scared that the government has not only tried once but may try again to take this freedom away, you're ready for the next big step!

All you need to do now is answer 6 questions that will "qualify" you for your "free" training and, if I understand it correctly, you pay $65 for the "eligibility certificate" that allows you to take said free training! Now all you have to do is take your token little online NRA or equivalent class (which, by the way, is offered by literally dozens of other places across the country), send a copy of your $65 certificate and other required documents to Virginia DPS and you can get a permit that will allow you to carry in 6 or 7 less states than the AZ permit does.

And they top it off with this gentle reminder...

"This freedom might be taken away, so you need to take action to protect yourself immediately."

Alrighty then.

BTW, to get this same permit, most of you already have adequate documentation of training. All you need is proof of a hunter safety class, certificate from any NRA certified class or several simple things that most all of us all of ready have.

The Virginia CCW permit is not a bad permit to have but it gets you absolutely nothing that several other permits don't already have and less than some. If you want the best permit America has to offer, get the AZ permit without going through all this BS.

Buyer beware!

In Liberty, Cope Reynolds (Desertscout)
Southwest Shooting Authority of Arizona

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