03 July 2016

Happy Independence Day! (not 4th of July...)

The 4th of July is a date. It falls immediately after the 3rd and directly precedes the 5th. In and of itself, it is nothing special.

Independence Day, however, is a holiday during which we celebrate our Nation's birth. It is possibly my favorite holiday.

Some suggest that we not celebrate Independence Day any longer because of the state that the Nation is in.

We're rightfully celebrating a time when men were men and would run away from home and lie about their age to have the opportunity to fight the enemies of freedom.

We're celebrating a time when being a patriot had real meaning and the gov't feared the people and not the other way around.

We're celebrating a time when the "rockets red glare" brought a tear to the eye instead of ooh's and aah's and "hand me another beer" while we watch the fireworks.

We celebrate days gone by when Americans were fierce and proud. When we knew what gender we were and were comfortable in the fact that God had not made a mistake in creating us.

Suggesting that we not celebrate Independence Day because control of America has slipped away from us, is akin to saying we shouldn't celebrate Christmas because it has become too commercialized. 

Saying "Happy 4th of July" on Independence Day is similar to saying "Happy Holidays" instead of Merry Christmas. 
What's next? Merry 25th of December or Happy 1st of January? 

Honor the event, not the day. Honor the flag. Honor the memories of the men and women that gave up everything so that we can live the way we do.

I will not dishonor my country by not celebrating the anniversary of her independence any more than I would dishonor my wife by not celebrating our anniversary because she is not 19 anymore. It is not my wife's fault that she is no longer 19 any more than it is my country's fault that we no longer have the guts and the drive to take it back.

No, I will celebrate this Independence Day just as I always have. She's as young and beautiful and pure and as much worth fighting for as she ever was, in spite of my shortcomings... just like my wife.

In Liberty,
Cope Reynolds (@Desertscout1)
Southwest Shooting Authority of Arizona 
Colts and Kimbers are what you show your friends.
GLOCKS are what you show your enemies!

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