05 November 2020

The Cancer That Killed Lady Liberty

Some of you may have seen part of this article before. That's because I have felt this way for a very long time. Much of this I have said before, because at that time, things were as bad or worse than they have ever been but I've added some things to bring it up to date.
Every time I think things are about as bad as they are going get, they get worse. The federal government's accountability level is now at zero. The direct disregard for the constitution and violation of our rights is more blatant and in our faces now than ever. Can it get any worse?
 Tell me how much different this is than 1938 Germany. Property being stolen, bank accounts being seized, permits, fees and penalties in everything we do and innocent, peaceful citizens being injured or murdered with monotonous regularity and now, the cancer called Liberalism has all but stolen the most recent Presidential election and in so doing have made many others questionable. HOW MUCH DIFFERENT IS THIS THAN 1938 GERMANY? 
This may be the last election until after the National reboot. This election is more critical to our freedom and our future than any other election in the history of the United States. I have no expectations of Trump solving all of our problems. But I can tell you for damned sure that if we allow Biden/Harris to get in there, our troubles will have just begun.
Those that sat on their dead asses on election day and pounded your chest and bragged about what a wonderful thing you did by not voting for the "lesser of two evils" or even worse, didn't vote at all, will be largely responsible for what is about happen in this country. Go ahead and write in your favorite hero that has zero chance of getting in there. Biden and every other liberal in the country will thank you. 
Any other election in my lifetime I may have agreed with you. This is not any other election. This is the final nail. Will you help drive it?
We are currently in a war over our liberty... our GOD GIVEN liberty. Technically, we have been for some time but we have reached a point in this war where the battle lines must be more clearly defined. I don't know if everyone completely understands how bad it actually is now or how fast our liberties are deteriorating and how bad it will get in the near future. Of all the enemies that we have made around the world, the very worst one is right here at home...the Democratic Party. Primarily the liberal Democrats which, as it happens, makes up most of the party.  
Yes, I am aware of the smattering of Democrats that are, in all actuality, conservatives but they are few and far between these days This post probably doesn't apply to them.
The party itself has done more damage to our way of life and our heritage than any other single factor.
* It is absolutely incomprehensible to me how ANYONE that professes to be an American can support the Democratic Party!
* It is absolutely incomprehensible to me how ANY member of ANY minority can support the Democratic Party after what they have taken from you!
* It is absolutely incomprehensible to me how ANY blue-collar working man or woman can support the Democratic Party!
* It is absolutely incomprehensible to me how ANY man or woman that is trying to run a business can support the Democratic Party!
* It is absolutely incomprehensible to me how anyone that professes to be Christian can support the party that supports killing babies!
ARE YOU REALLY THAT STUPID? YOU are the problem with this country! YOU have become enemies of the Constitution of the United States! YOU have become an enemy to me and my family and our way of life! 
If you claim to be a liberal Democrat that clings to the tenets of the DemocraticParty, you are no friend to me or mine. If you are family, I'm sorry but we have nothing to discuss. You are not family to me if you support the idiocy that is going on in this country brought about by the cancerous, liberal trash of the left. Yeah, I'm well aware of the problems within the Republican Party as well but let's take it one step at a time.
Liberalism is NOT a political choice, it is an incurable mental illness that has done more damage to our country in the last 3 decades than our enemies have done in the last 220 years! 
No, we cannot just get along! No, we cannot work this out! No, we cannot agree to disagree!
If you have somehow managed to become a friend on social media, just go ahead and leave now. If I find out, I will unfriend you and block you.
Maybe you don't know just how damned serious I am about this! My country is falling apart and you are more to blame than any other single factor and I damned well don't appreciate it! Yes, if one were to truly repent of their idiocy and change their party affiliation and liberal ideals, I would forgive them and welcome them back with open arms but until then, consider yourselves black-balled from every aspect of my life.
If I have offended any of you, that's tough. Put on your big-kid panties and deal with it! I'm sick and damned tired of the violations of my personal rights, unconstitutional and unreasonable taxes, policies, penalties, fines rules, debt, political correctness, liability scares, invasions of my home and privacy, permits, licenses and fear of simply walking or driving down the street! The gloves are off libtards! Get out of my life, ALL of you! This is no longer simply a difference of political opinion. We can no longer just shake hands, go play golf and good-naturedly poke fun at each other until the next election. In elections gone by, maybe. Not anymore. 
Those of you who understand what America and freedom are all about and are willing to fight to maintain it, welcome brothers and sisters! Roll up your sleeves and get with it! We have a hell of a lot work to do!


  1. Well said Cope. Thank you. It was said to me long ago and now I offer it to you... When you see the word Democrat, think SOCIALIST. When you hear the word Democrat, think SOCIALIST. Then it all starts to make more sense. It's about taking from you and me to give "them" a hand-out. And there hand is outstretched, make no mistake. As I write this it occurs that we might do the same with the word Liberal (SOCIALIST). And PC? Political Crap. I'm with you. Casper Mtn

  2. Given that you're a GUN SELLER, and the Obama Administration has -- contrary to Fox News talking points -- actually expanded gun rights in this country, can you explain your vague, ill-defined anger regarding the Democratic Party? It strikes me as just so much ignorant bluster. You don't make a single substantive point here except that you don't like people who vote Democratic. Maybe if you spend less time being a tiresome bore, and more time focusing your argument, it wouldn't come off quite so clownish.


    Your fan,

    John Decker

  3. X-Beast's email address: live-free-or-die@comcast.net

  4. Thanks for your thoughts, Cope. We're basically screwed ... and we've done it to ourselves over the last 50+ years by not paying attention, not being involved, and being satisfied with just taking care of our own needs. I'm guilty. We're all guilty for allowing what has happened. While the Republicans are slightly better than the Democrats, too many people still see an (R) by a name and thing they are home free. Trouble is we have WAY too many politicians wearing that label that are as flaming liberal left as Pelosi and Boxer. Getting involved is not easy, not fun, and often disgusting and disheartening ... but the option is allowing more of the same that we now have. You will make a lot of enemies when you stick your neck out and try to do what is right rather than what is easy. And people will say bad things about you and your heritage. But we all have to stand up and 'DO WHAT IS RIGHT AND LET THE CONSEQUENCE FOLLOW' ... words to a song you might know. And, just like LaVoy, we may be removed from the scene by those who cannot abide truth. But, even if that happens, at least we tried. Thanks for all you do ... I need the support and reinforcement I get from listening to your shows and reading your stuff.

    I should be on your list but if not: tundraboar@hotmail.com


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