23 October 2011

Do you trust guns more than God?

I was asked this question,  no, let me re-phrase that...I was accused of this by one of my listeners last week. A new, unknowledgeable listener, but a listener none-the-less. So I wanted to address this accusation, not so much to prove anything to him but maybe just a little reality check for me. Do I trust guns too much? Do I not think of God enough? Do I not believe that God can and will protect me and keep me safe if I live righteously?
Actually, I think I got it figured out and my mind is at ease. Listen to "God and Guns Re-visited"  and see what you think!

Cope Reynolds (Desertscout)
Southwest Weapons and Security Associates

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Colts and Kimbers are what you show your friends.
GLOCKS are what you show your enemies!

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