05 July 2011

3-day Personal Defense Handgun in Ohio

 We are looking at the possibility of doing a 3-day class on a private range near DeGraff, Ohio on 5,6 and 7 August. We have a few people committed to attending already but we need a few more to make it happen. This class includes a night shoot at the end of the 2nd day. Your certificate for the successful completion of this class will also provide the documentation required to obtain CCW permits in several states including NM, FL, WY, CO and others.

More information on this particular class can be found here: 3-day PDH

If you compare prices, you'll find this class a real bargain! Some places charge more for less training time AND you have to go to them, pay for lodging and eating out. At today's prices of fuel, lodging and food, you can save quite a bit having us come to you.
Pre-registration is required and registration will be open until 22 July. Price is $795 and you will need 800 rounds of ammunition. Please consider that you may also take the first 2 days of the class at a reduced cost. The first 2 days would be the same as taking our PDH I here at SWSA. The cost is $400 and you may choose to sign up and take the remainder of the class at the end of the 2nd day if you wish.

All further information including what you will need to bring with you, range location, hotels, etc. will be included in your welcome packet upon registration.

We hope to see you in Ohio!

Cope Reynolds (Desertscout)
Southwest Shooting Authority
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