23 April 2011

FREE Disaster Preparedness Seminar-Vancouver, WA!

We are living in increasingly desperate times. Many don't understand or are unwilling to accept that fact and it IS a fact! Our country is being invaded by foreign nationals, our economy has been turned upside down, fuel and grocery prices are reaching levels that are going to make it difficult for many of us to obtain basic necessities. Add to that the recent nuclear disaster in Japan. What if it were to happen here? Weather is changing, home invasions and other violent crimes are skyrocketing. Our government is out of control. How prepared do you think you are to take care of yourself, family and friends in a worst-case scenario?
Southwest Shooting Authority will be conducting a FREE! 8-hr, Disaster Preparedness seminar in Vancouver, WA on 21 May from 9am to around 5pm at the American Legion Hall on 20th Ave.
Topics discussed will include making up different level kits for individual and family use, storing food, water and fuel. Shelf lives, survival medicine, preparing your home, weapons; chemical, biological and nuclear concerns and much, much more!
We feel that time is getting SHORT!  You cannot afford NOT to go at this price,it's FREE! You have NOTHING but a little time to lose by attending this event!
Call 575-547-AK47 (2547) for more info!

Cope Reynolds (Desertscout)
Southwest Shooting Authority
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  1. Hello Cope and Happy Easter!

    Would you ever consider posting a video on your Youtube channel of your Preparedness Seminar? I know it's eight hours but maybe segments of particularly important information you feel most people do not hear in other seminars. I know it would be a lot of work but it could get out the word in a much larger way with less money put out for fuel. Just a thought.


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