09 January 2011

Special Sunday Edition of The Shooting Bench!

OK, enough is enough is too much! NOW I'm beginning to get mad...er. This shooting in Arizona yesterday has really done it. THERE WAS NO EXCUSE FOR THAT MANY PEOPLE TO GET SHOT BY ONE MAN!!!
This special edition of The Shooting Bench addresses yet again, but maybe more passionately, my idea of exactly when and where I think you should carry a gun. Today's show will be aired again on Monday, 10 January.

A daddy woke up today (if he slept last night) without his little girl. She's gone from his earthly life forever. She's not ever coming back. Her room will forever more be empty. Her place at the table will be vacant from now on. Why? Because there was not one responsible adult near her when she lost her life. An innocent, carefree, happy-go-lucky, precious little girl is dead because the bad guy was the only one in attendance that had a gun. Or at least the only one that was willing to use it.

How does one man with one handgun shoot 19 people without someone jumping in and doing something? This confirms my believe that birth defects are the single biggest problem with the American male to day. Those that are born without testicles or spines.

I cannot express my frustration and outrage at this in the written word. Listen to my show tomorrow and maybe you can feel a little bit of what I feel.

Tuesday, I will relay some good info on communications and if there's time, I'll also talk about holsters a bit.

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