23 October 2011

Big news!
We are adding Sun Ovens to our line of disaster preparedness items. Click on the link to learn more about them. AMAZING alternative cooking source! Works pretty well even on cloudy days. If anyone is interested in these, we are getting together a large group-buy and are simply passing along the savings. They retail for $299 plus $29.85 shipping. $330 for all practical purposes. With this one-time buy, we can get them shipped to your door for $249! If you're interested, please call us at 866-886-8753 NO LATER than the 30th of this month. If you call me on the 31st, it will be too late because the order will go in on the 31st!

I hate to sound like a damn used-car salesman here but I am excited about this! We won't be able to do it again. Let anyone know that you think may be interested and what great Christmas gifts! We are expecting turbulent times in the near future with the possibility of having utilities disrupted for an undetermined amount of time. BE READY!

In Liberty,

Cope Reynolds

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